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Do you have an eCommerce website? If yes, does it bring you any leads? Look, building a website is of no significance if you don’t get any customers through it. You should find ways to generate organic traffic for your site and boost sales to propel your business to the next level. The best way to achieve that is by looking for on-page SEO services by a proficient San Diego SEO expert.

Through SEO, your eCommerce site’s visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo!, and others will improve. With perfect visibility, the traffic will increase and enhance the odds of conversion. And that is what every eCommerce site owner would like to get from their website investment.

This article discusses different organic SEO services to consider when looking to drive traffic to your eCommerce site. Read on.

Get the Right Keywords

Keyword research is a primary task in the SEO task. Targeting the right keywords increases your eCommerce site’s chances of appearing on search engine results pages (SERPs). The more your link is clicked in SERPs, the more traffic you receive on your site.

There are many keyword research tools, some of which are free. The Google keyword planner is a good example. It gives you multiple keyword suggestions to choose from. But like any other free tools, free keyword research tools have limited features. For that reason, a serious San Diego SEO expert should have professional keyword research tools.

Backlink Building

Backlinks are a great source of organic traffic. These are links from other sites with outstanding visibility on the internet. When search engines crawl your site, they check for backlinks. Top-quality backlinks earn your site a better ranking and increase the chances of getting clicked.

We advise building a few superior-quality backlinks from authority sites than pointing so many low-quality links to your site. Your site’s link profile is a key ranking factor, and you don’t want to taint it with backlinks from sites that look spammy.

Post on Other Sites

Write thoroughly researched, flawless, and insightful articles and post them on trustworthy sites. It is called guest posting, and it can bring lots of organic traffic to your eCommerce site. Your San Diego SEO expert should help you link the articles to your site.

Guest posting is a two-way street. So, also allow other people to post on your site and link back to their sites. But make sure the sites pass the trustworthiness and credibility test to avoid being penalized by Google.

Create User Engagement on Your Site

It is important to keep visitors longer on your site to minimize the bounce rate, which hurts your site’s ranking. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to create user engagement on a site.

You may wonder how that applies to an eCommerce site. Yes, it works like a charm, and we highly recommend it from the experience we’ve had using it.

All you should do is maintain a blog section on your eCommerce site and publish well-thought-out blogs about your products or services. As San Diego SEO experts, we help you make the articles SEO-friendly to draw organic traffic to your site.

Internal Linking

Internal links are also a crucial ranking factor. Remember, the higher your site ranks on Google and other search engines, the higher the odds of receiving traffic. So, you want to create quality internal links to different pages on your site.

We use text anchors to create internal links. The anchors should make it clear to site visitors what the page they link to is all about. Google checks for internal links when crawling your site. Meaningful and well-organized connections will improve your ranking. Of course, improved ranking translates to better traffic.

Work On the Speed of Your Site

Did you know Google penalizes sites that take too long to load? We thought you should know. Your site’s loading speed shouldn’t go beyond 3 seconds. Site visitors quickly reach for “X” to exit slow sites. That adds to the bounce rate and impacts your site’s ranking.

For great user experience (UX), site speed matters a lot. On-page SEO services are incomplete without optimizing for speed. Once the speed is excellent, the click-through-rate will impress site visitors, and you will notice a boost in traffic.

Go the Social Way

Social media has massive potential for traffic when incorporated well in SEO. We help so many clients take advantage of organic traffic on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular social media platforms.

By creating a social media profile with a professional appeal for your eCommerce site, you get free traffic. You achieve that by linking your site with the different social media profiles you have. Share what you post on your site on your social media accounts.

Entice Site Visitors

There’s always competition for clients, and you have to think of better ways of getting an edge over your competitors. Failure to do so is the difference between getting more site visitors and losing them to your competitors. There must be a convincing reason for those surfing the internet to choose your site over your competitors’ sites.

Once you have something special for your clients on your eCommerce site, they will flock to it and enhance conversion. Chances are you will get referrals from customers that get a sense of satisfaction in your products or services. The more the referrals, the more traffic you get.

Enhance Navigation

Make it fun moving from one page to another on your eCommerce site. The fewer the steps involved in moving to the homepage back from other pages, the better the user experience. That’s something many site visitors expect of your site.

With a sleek site layout that is easy to navigate, the bounce rate reduces. So, your San Diego SEO expert should make your eCommerce site navigable with ease. By so doing, the traffic will improve, and so shall the conversions.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Human beings tend to act on something when there is a sense of urgency in it. Shrewd eCommerce site owners give their customers some offers and put time limits to create a sense of urgency. The most common tactic is the use of discount codes that elapse after a specified time.

There should be an alluring call to action (CTA) to benefit from the traffic resulting from the urgency. The CTA in this respect can be a clickable button, and you can change it whenever you have something new for your clients. Mastering the art of creating urgency is a powerful way to get organic traffic for your eCommerce site.

Win the Trust of Leads

Potential clients and even the existing ones should build trust in your products or services. It’s a sure way to keep them visiting your eCommerce site and thereby boosting the traffic. You want to make your products or services stand out from the crowd for the traffic to get even much better by the day.

Another way you may want to consider is allowing clients to give their opinion about what you offer them. Your San Diego SEO expert should facilitate that by creating an opinion poll on your site. Yes, let the clients rate your products and services for leads to make an informed decision. The better the rating, the higher the chances of getting more and more traffic on your site.

Frequently Update Your Site

Visitors like seeing new things on your site. If you have sales promotions, keep changing them often. Keeping one offer running for months on your site amounts to nothing but boredom. Even if it is a discount code, change it from time to time. That way, visitors will keep coming back to your site just to see what the new code is.

The blog section of your eCommerce site needs fresh content. Update it with new content regularly. It can be weekly or monthly. Create expectation in your clients by publishing good-quality articles that address their unique needs. They will appreciate your effort by reading the articles, placing orders for your services, and coming back for more.

Pro tip: Allow your site visitors to share your articles on social media. You never know who will like them and get curious to visit your site. Ask your San Diego SEO expert to include share buttons on each article to facilitate the sharing process.

Final Thoughts

While it is good to build an eCommerce site with a gripping visual appeal, traffic is a matter of priority. It makes no sense to have the most attractive site in cyberspace when it gets no traffic to improve your sales. Investing in on-page SEO services is the right step towards ensuring your eCommerce site gets a steady organic traffic flow.

Are you an eCommerce site owner in San Diego struggling to get some organic traffic? You are just in the right place. We are the San Diego SEO expert you need to make real your dream of getting colossal organic traffic for your site. Your eCommerce site is an investment that should give you positive returns. And we always strive to make it happen. Reach out to us today!

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Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger He is an Award-Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneurs launch their first successful online business.

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