Four Apps for Seamless and Safe Remote Collaboration

Although remote work may be the most reasonable solution for business continuity during the pandemic, it is not without its challenges.

Although remote work may be the most reasonable solution for business continuity during the pandemic, it is not without its challenges. Workers are experiencing isolation and a desire for clearer communication, and while we suggested tips on ‘How to Help Remote Workers Feel More Connected and Less Isolated,’ here are four concrete tools you can get on board with for seamless and safe remote collaboration.

For project management

Balancing multiple projects is difficult enough whilst you are in a physical office, but it is even more challenging when workers are spread out. Effective project management is essential in retaining an organized structure during remote work. Trello is a wonderful tool in managing workflows remotely, as it offers a form of transparency in viewing what tasks need to be finished, what is currently being worked on, and what has been accomplished. This allows you to map out progress, and everyone can contribute to the cards and tasks for each category, arranged by order of importance. Everything is archived, which makes for easy access even when a deadline has passed. It can also be integrated with another cloud-based communication tool, Slack, which is used for real-time communication among colleagues.

For video conferences

While you and your coworkers will likely be communicating through chat throughout the day, face-to-face communication is still a necessary facet for remote work to be effective. Google Meet is now available for Gmail or anyone with a Google account. You can simply send invitations and use Google Calendar to keep track of your meetings, and the company ensures that safety is a top priority. Participants in video conferences can deny entry to random requests. The app accommodates small, one-on-one meetings as well as company-wide calls of up to a hundred participants.

For transferring files

Sending and managing files is extremely important for remote workers to achieve their deliverables. However, you shouldn’t use just any app, as cybersecurity remains paramount, so it’s best that you have a dedicated app for this particular purpose. Box allows you to send and collaborate on almost any type of file, and everything is stored safely. You can even increase your security by adding in password protections and restrictions for particular files. The app also simplifies the process of requesting for files, and as a result, boosts productivity among workers. It is compatible for both Android and iOS devices.

For team bonding

Who says collaboration has to be all about work? Since isolation is a common sentiment among remote workers, you can help combat this by throwing scheduled game nights for everyone to let loose and get their minds off work once in a while. Kahoot has long been used by educators to get students engaged in a lesson, but you can also use it to host a trivia or quiz night. Have someone act as the “quiz master” and share their screens through a video conferencing app so that everyone can participate. Allow yourselves some fun, get creative with your quizzes, and take turns serving as game master – it will definitely turn into something to look forward to.

While remote work continues through the foreseeable future, we can luckily turn to these apps for seamless and safe collaboration that is just as good – or even better – than being in a real office.

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