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Awesome, not awesome.

“Congress might actually start regulating autonomous vehicles… AVs could be good for tech, for driver safety, for the disability community, for public transit, for deep-pocketed investors. It’s the rare topic about which federal lawmakers can hold hands across the aisle as they sing ‘Kumbaya.’” — Aarian Marshall, ReporterLearn More on WIRED >

#Not Awesome
“Homeland Security and other organizations are working on ways to… identify items hidden in passenger baggage… but research has shown that after analyzing the performance of an image-recognition system driven by a neural network, miscreants could mark or otherwise alter items in ways that fool the system into seeing things that are not there — or failing to see things that are..” — Cade Metz, Reporter Learn More on The New York Times >

Special Guest Posts

In a few years, no investors are going to be looking for AI startupsby Frank Chen, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Automatic Speech Recognition: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the race for Human Parityby Dr. Micha Breakstone, Co-Founder of Chorus.ai

What we’re reading.

1/ Mike Bloomberg thinks we’ll only be able to embrace the societal benefits of automation if the government finds new ways to reward and encourage work. Learn More on Bloomberg Businessweek >

2/ NASA scientists install AI software into the Curiosity rover so it can decide where to go and what to photograph on Mars without having to wait for instructions from humans on Earth. Learn More on The Atlantic >

3/ A driverless trucking startup is building a control center to allow truckers to drive 18-wheelers from anywhere, and there have been many cultural collisions along the way. Learn More on Bloomberg Businessweek >

4/ Google places a $ 10.5 million bet on the algorithm marketplace, Algorithmia, to make it easy for companies to improve all of their business processes with AI. Learn More on WIRED >

5/ As the number of companies paying to use ML-based SaaS products grows, it’s likely unlikely that the companies will demand royalties for usage of their data. Learn More on Tomasz Tunguz >

6/ The recent rise in earnings for skilled (college-educated) workers is a rare phenomenon, and it may come to a halt as AI increases demand for jobs that don’t require a college degree. Learn More on The Economist >

7/ Following their $ 13.4 billion purchase of Whole Foods, you can expect Amazon to reinvent grocery stories and make cashiers irrelevant. Learn More on The New York Times >

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Links from the community.

“”Winning Strategies for Applied AI Companies” by Louis Coppey (@louicop). Learn More on Machine Learnings >

“The Best Approach to Decision Making Combines Data and Managers’ Expertise” submitted by Anna Kohnen (@annakohnen). Learn More on Harvard Business Review >

“Thoughts on building bots and buildings” submitted by Avi Eisenberger (@aeisenberger). Learn More on Medium >

“Intelligent Machines Industrial-Robot Firm Kuka Looks to Automate the Home” submitted by Carl DeBrule. Learn More on MIT Technology Review >

“Artificial Intelligence: No, we’re not there yet.” submitted by Samiur Rahman (@samiur1204). Learn More on Samiur’s blog >

“Goal-Driven Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” submitted by Alex Castrounis (@innoarchitech). Learn More on Skillshare >

“The Predictive Buyer Score: How to use Machine Learning in E-Commerce” submitted by Jerry Abiog (@jerryabiog). Learn More on E-Commerce Nation Group >

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