Email Marketing Hacks You Should Never Miss

Check out our nine simple but powerful email marketing hacks that will give a significant boost to your email marketing.

In this article, we gathered nine email marketing hacks to help you get the most out of this channel. Some of those are must-haves. Others can be considered for implementation. Give them a try, measure the results, and improve the performance of your email campaigns. Now, to the hacks.

Hack #1: Creating email signatures for your team

While signing letters seems quite logical, you still can find many unsigned emails in your inbox. Nevertheless, we are all human beings, and we like to know that there is a real person on the other side of the screen. A professional email signature software usually allows including a photo of the sender and their contact details. This helps make all emails more personal and build trust.

It is also a nice opportunity to promote your products, services, or events with every email you send. You can include calls to action and promotional banners. Now, imagine how many chances you miss when you don’t use all the company’s emails for such purposes.

When you create email signatures for your team ahead, you save time because employees won’t have to worry about how to finish and complete their emails every time.

And don’t forget to add social media links to company pages in all email signatures. It is another excellent opportunity to attract recipients to other channels through which you maintain communication. Here is an example of such an email signature.

To avoid unprofessional and non-uniform email footers in your team, use a dedicated email signature software.

Hack #2: Adding CTAs to any email

A call to action (CTA) is an essential element of every email. And while we already know that including the right CTA in your mailings that matches our marketing goals will make it easier for subscribers to take the desired action, we rarely use it in simpler emails. Even if it is just an email about links exchange, you can still add a CTA to the links you are talking about. For example, “Please add links to this article.”

Hack #3: Using emojis in the subject line

When working on an efficient email subject line, consider asking yourself a couple of simple questions. For example, “Would I open this?”, “Will this solve the subscriber’s problem?”, etc. Don’t stop until you get a positive response from the main critic (you). As a bonus, you can insert emojis into the subject to heighten emotions. But be careful. This only works in certain situations. Make sure that the selected emoji matches the subject line, complements your message, and doesn’t have any confusing subtext.

Hack #4: Avoiding complex template design

Make your email content readable. Most people are busy and skim emails fluently. Make sure that when they read it that way, they can grasp the key point. Format your email with this idea in mind. Use bulleted lists, headings, subheadings, white space, and call to action buttons. Also, make sure your email looks like it is written for this particular recipient, not to the entire base of other recipients.

Hack #5: Adding some serious personalization

Addressing the recipient by name is mandatory.

  • Email 1: Grab the offer before it ends.
  • Email 2: Natalie, grab the offer before it ends.

But you can go even further and do some research. Then you can mention their social media posts, recent awards, job change, etc.

On top of that, it is best to send out email campaigns from a valid email address to receive feedback. For example, you can use instead of This way, you can get feedback and improve your mailings.

Ideally, the sender’s name must include your brand name. Or better yet, it should be the name of a real person and the name of the company, for example, Ann, Your Brand. Your emails will look “more human” in the eyes of your subscribers.

Segment your base to personalize your content. Create mini-segments based on specific criteria so that you can send relevant and more personalized emails. The criteria for dividing into segments can include behavior in emails and on the site, purchase history, interests, preferences, etc.

Hack #6: Showing that they can trust you 

Include customer testimonials, refund guarantees & exchange options, logos of well-known companies you do business with, and more in your emails to help customers deal with their fears. You can use your email signature for this purpose.

Hack #7: Setting up a trigger to generate repeat orders

If you know the expiration date of your product or service, consider sending a reminder to the subscriber before it ends, saying that it’s time to repurchase a product/service. On the one hand, you show customers your care. On the other hand, you increase your chances of getting more sales.

Hack #8: Resending an email campaign to non-openers in a few days

People are busy. If they don’t open your email, it doesn’t mean they are not interested. Perhaps, they didn’t see it. Maybe, your subject line didn’t catch their attention. That’s not the reason to give up. Consider resending your email with a modified subject line in a few days. This might help you get better results from your mailings.

Hack #9: Monitoring your competitors’ email campaigns

Explore the content of their mailings, subject lines, sender’s name, frequency, date & time, and so on. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to copy them. Knowing what other market participants are doing can help you optimize email marketing in your company. You can analyze everything and do even better.


Email marketing is still one of the most preferred communication channels for growing your business. But even if you do everything right, there is always more you can experiment with and get even more awesome results.

In this article, we gathered nine email marketing tricks you can to your email marketing strategy. Each of those is easy to implement and doesn’t require much effort. Read, test, experiment, and may these small steps lead you to success. Good luck.

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