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Why do 99.99% of apps fail?

Because they don’t use EasyApp.

With EasyApp, you start for free by getting full access to use our custom built app prototype. We make it free so that you don’t have to spend money. You then play with this prototype and build your idea on top of it. Why would you do this? Because it will take 15 minutes and be super fun.

Then, you’ll get to customize it, make it yours, and get a featured article placement on our site to drive traffic to your prototype thus giving you an early adopter email list.

When you have a prototype, a landing page, an article, and a subscriber list, you will have all of the proof that your app idea will be successful. Then, we can connect you with a developer who can launch your app in less than 3 months.

Yeah, we did that.


Techristic Team

What you'll do in this step:

Create your own prototype

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