Dragon Ball FighterZ: Goku SSGSS Character Guide


The Fighter SSGSS Goku is one of the Characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ. He is unlocked by fulfilling certain in game requirements, and is on of the primary protagonists of Dragon Ball Super.

Power Speed Range Tech Energy
Ease of Use A

SSGSS Goku is an extremely powerful character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, He has access to some very good mixups and some very strong options that typically safe on block. He has access to multiple different teleports, a decently quick standing low overhead mixup and an assist that covers a good portion of the screen.

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There’s not a lot in terms of weaknesses when it comes to SSGSS Goku, so when fighting against him you must play with extreme caution and be ready to block all of his mixups and deal with his pressure. SSGSS Goku has access to easy, high damaging combos, and has the tools to convert pretty much any hit into a full combo! Players who will do well with SSGSS Goku are players who can use all of a character’s tools to overwhelm the opponent and who can convert loose hits into full combos.

EditSpecial Move List

(Real Move names to be added soon)

The following moves are classified special moves, read on to learn tips on how to use them effectively.

EditDivine Void Strike


Goku dashes forward with his elbow and delivers a blow to the opponent. This attack covers a decent amount of space and can be done both in the air and on the ground, meaning it easily combos into your level 1 super. This attack is safe on block, and has really high priority, so use it to overwhelm your opponent and keep yourself safe after block strings. The medium version of this move goes a little further than the light version, but has slightly longer startup, and the EX version will actually teleport behind the opponent before striking them.

EditInstant transmission


Goku goes through a short startup animation before teleporting either in front of, or behind the opponent and striking them with his foot. This comes out a little slower than a regular teleport, and doesn’t seem to track quite as well, but it doesn’t cost any meter and is just as safe on block. This move can be used in much the same way that your vanish attack can, except you can’t cancel into this from stray hits, as it comes out too slow. It can be used in certain combos though, as long as you know how to set it up.

Editsuper god shock flash

QCB+ATK (Ground Only)

Goku holds up 2 fingers at his opponent, after a short amount of time, this will hit the opponent, even if they are blocking. This has a VERY small range, but can be very effective if you know how to use it properly. The light and EX version will actually move forward with a punch after the move has ended if the unblockable didn’t connect, making them slightly safer options. The Medium and EX versions can be combo’d off of if the unblockable connects, and can lead to a pretty decent combo. Keep in mind that this move leaves you extremely open and unable to do much of anything for a while unless it is covered by an assist, so be careful.

Editdragon flash kick

QCB+ATK (Air Only)

Goku performs a diving dick attack that brings the opponent down to the ground if they are in the air. The medium version goes a little further than the light, but comes out a little slower. The EX version goes as far as the medium, comes out about as fast as the light, and can be comboed into any of Goku’s supers. This makes this move his go to air combo ender when he wants to get the most damage out of his combos.

EditSuper Move List

The following moves are classified as Super Moves, read on to learn tips on how to use them effectively.

Editextreme speed Kamehameha (1 Bar)


Goku jumps into the air and fires a Kamehameha downwards at the ground at a 45°. This does solid damage and is your go to combo ender on the ground. This super is one of the reasons that SSGSS Goku is so good at confirming from loose hits. This super covers a really strong range and can be used in pretty much any situation.

Editx10 Kaioken Kamehameha (3-5 Bars)

QCB+Light+Medium(DR) or QCB+SP+Heavy(SD)

Goku dashes forward with a punch which leads to a big damage super animation. If you hold the attack buttons down, Goku will do a followup attack, costing 2 extra bars (total of 5) that will add on additional damage.

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