Do Your Best Jaws Impression in City Shark

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April 30, 2020

Being a shark is never easy. And that’s definitely true in the new game City Shark.

City Shark

Set in New York in the year 2100, the world has been submerged by 100 feet of melted ice. You’ll play as a shark engulfed in a rip tide who will try to find their way through rubble and emerge without a scratch.

You’ll have to swim through the city and make a quick end to divers and more.

And there is more than one way to play. Dangerous mode lives up to its name as you’ll be in for a huge test.

For a more relaxing experience, try meditation mode. You’ll be able to swim endlessly with no points or anything else.

Designed for the iPhone and all iPad models, City Shark can be downloaded now on the App Store for $ 0.99.

$ 0.99

City Shark

City Shark

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