DJ Jesse Neo Enters Tech Industry With Gemtracks

Twenty-three-year-old Jesse Neo is a singer, songwriter, producer and DJ that has been releasing electronic and pop music since 2017.

Twenty-three-year-old Jesse Neo is a singer, songwriter, producer and DJ that has been releasing electronic and pop music since 2017. After releasing his debut single, his work was instantly featured in top news outlets such as The Huff Post and NBC. Suddenly he was offered to be a songwriter in Los Angeles, which he gladly accepted.

After being in the industry for the past few years, Jesse realized a lot of innovation could be introduced to help musicians and artists expose more their work to the world. With this thought, he initially created a platform known as Gemtracks to buy and sell beats.


“I noticed very early on that many of the manual tasks in the music industry could be automated,” Jesse recalled his experience. “I remember juggling two phones in my hands to discuss with clients about how my songs would sound like, how the royalties would be split, and how I would be sending the finished tracks to them.I thought those discussions were very mundane and could be avoided if there was an online system.”


With the birth of Gemtracks, Jesse easily listed his songs onto the website and then marketed them to entertainment companies. He was surprised when sales of up to $600 came though. One reason for the quick turnaround may be due to the forward nature of the website. Also, once a beat is sold, it would be removed,and the copyright would be updated to the new buyer’s name. Up to today, many people still log in to buy hip hop beats.


“After telling my friends about this, they recommended I open up Gemtracks as a public marketplace so anyone could sell beats,” Jesse continued. “They explained that it was getting harder for producers to make a living, and by having a service that would help them catch up with technology would be very beneficial.”


Not only did Jesse followed the idea, he also extended the website to include the features to hire songwriters and book studio sessions. Today, Gemtracks acts as a collaboration tool for artists to contact with each other and also make plans. Everyone is given cloud storage to transfer their work with an implemented payment gateway to handle all the transactions.


Currently, more than 200 users have signed up to Gemtracks, including world class producers such as Milana Leybovich, I.Y.F.F.E, Beowülf and Lucas Gold.

“Eventually, I see Gemtracks turning into a social collaboration platform to benefit musicians of every level,” Jesse announced. “At the present moment, I am working on an educational section to allow new artists to ask questions, and experienced professionals to answer them. This would give everyone a feeling of a support base that could eventually lead to the creation of more wonderful music for the entire world to enjoy.”


From what we can see, Gemtracks sounds like a wonderful project. We can only hope all the best for Jesse and his new technology startup.


You can listen to Jesse Neo’s music on Spotify and follow him on Instagram.






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