Difference Between Shared Web Hosting and the VPS Server hosting


Difference Between Shared Web Hosting and the VPS Server hosting


The files and data of the website must be physically stored on an internet-connected computer to compose the site observable on the web. These big power-driven systems are known as web servers. Website hosts are corporations that have some web servers in a specific place. They offer software safety and bandwidth that attach the website to the net. When the internet users are willing to visit the website, they will type the website address from their digital device. Now it is the responsibility of the computer to connect to the Business Owner’s server. In this way, the webpage will be delivered to the person through a browser.

Now selecting the right web hosting from a list of different hosting companies is a challenging task. Both shared hosting and VPS have the same objective of running the online business smoothly and effectively. But their method is quite variant.


About shared hosting, the following features should be noted: –

  1. In shared hosting, the web hosting account is shared with many servers or groups of servers. All this information is maintained by a service provider. If the person is new to hosting and worried about the budget, shared hosting might be a good place to start.
  2. The traffic on a daily basis to a small business website normally does not exceed 2000 visitors. Hence a small business promotion does not require much bandwidth or resources to support them.
  3. Moreover, newly introduced business models tend to be simple and straight forward with fewer website files and information. They do not require more server space.
  4.  Sharing a web hosting server is a good option if you want to make a small business website. It also allows the authority and spaces it requires at a much lesser cost than a committed solution.
  5.  The beginners should always start with this hosting service and then progress to some others. But it will lack the dedicated volume of resources along with the provision of higher security risks.
  6.  When it comes to blogs and personal websites for start-ups, shared hosting has no competition in the market. The upgrading is done automatically hence no technical expertise is required. The user is allowed to install virtual software according to his interests. The infrastructure is fully organized.
  7. The system downtime and maintenance are operated by a separate person. The scalability is a huge issue. Even though the best plan is offered by a hosting company, a limited amount of resources is provided. Now the hosting company will rather offer to enjoy the service using private hosting. It is just like a common space in the form of a room shared by a group of friends.


Virtual Private Server is one kind of dedicated hosting but with added Advantages.


  1. In dedicated hosting, there is full utilization of server bandwidth and resources.
  2. You cannot share them with other websites. One can control and customize the software and computer in operations as needed even if there is no access to server hardware.
  3. It is often the right solution to large and complicated high traffic sites in its application. Through VPS, one his own space on a physical server that is partitioned for multiple private empowerments. Even if others reside on the same physical server, the user has its own space.
  4. No requirement of sharing of resources and bandwidth. PS allows a high degree of control over customization. One can change the server settings in the form of software. It is, in fact, more affordable than dedicated hosting. It is a little expensive than shared hosting and requires basic technical knowledge. Hence it is not designed for beginners.
  5. One may browse the scalable plans that may be fruitful for better growth of the website. VPS gives better security control than shared hosting. It is technically more modified to tackle the spikes of



Among the two varieties of VPS, managed VPS has some common features with VPS Server Hosting. The difference with unmanaged VPS lies in the customization. For a rapidly increasing business model or the companies that provide high-traffic websites with substantial bandwidth and security, VPS is the best choice. The organizations that are expecting an increase of traffic in the upcoming period, they can shift from shared hosting to VPS hosting. It is just like owning one flat in an apartment with a personal garage and other perks. Apart from the cost parameter, VPS has got more advantages than disadvantages.


Conclusion: The web hosting services are particular about the commerce owners. They have a constant effort that the owners can only focus on their business and get sufficient benefit from the online business within a short period. Even they help the person purchase an official domain if he is lacking it.

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