Devops Challenges in 2019



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Companies are always looking to improve their efficiencies. One of the best ways that some companies have been able to become more efficient is by adopting DevOps principles and practices. DevOps is a set of practices in the software development space that aim to shorten the software development cycle. They also aim to deliver updates, releases, and features more quickly than in the past.

This is done through combining IT operations teams with software development teams. So instead of two different teams working independently, they will now work together on improving efficiency. While Devops is not a brand new idea, it is steadily growing in popularity. More and more organizations are beginning to adopt Devops, and this is only expected to continue.

However, while more and more companies are adopting DevOps practices, there are many different challenges present in the space. With that in mind, this article is going to look at a few of the DevOps challenges companies will face in 2019 and beyond.

Testing is More Important Than Ever

Image source: Pixabay

While the name of the game when it comes to DevOps is speed of release, you still need to take time to test. In fact, with user expectations on the rise and software needing to be developed, updated and released faster, testing efficiently and effectively is more important than ever. Testing will ensure your software works as expected and also provides other benefits such as helping find hidden errors code or addressing other issues.

So when developing your software, be sure to run it through the motions before ever releasing it. What good is it releasing software or updates quickly, only to have it not work as expected. Not only could this cost you a lot of money, but could also hurt your reputation. You should use some high quality testing tools or services to ensure all bugs and other issues are dealt with effectively, but quickly.

The Influx of Tools Can Be a Blessing and a Curse

Nowadays, more and more companies are using tools for a variety of different things. And with the growing excitement in the area of DevOps, there are a litany of different tools in the space. While many of these tools can help DevOps teams, having too large a focus on tools can take away from teamwork, which is a major part of DevOps. The people on your team are the most important part of any transition into utilizing DevOps at your company.

Also, while the tools can help, you also need to take a lot of time to train your staff. Having to learn a new or more advanced tool every single week, on top of transitioning into practicing DevOps, can be a lot to handle. It is also important to remember that each tool will need to be checked to ensure it is secure enough, as well. Every company has different rules and requirements when it comes to security, so be sure to find that out before you begin using a tool.

Resistance to Change is Prevalent

Another large challenge in the area of DevOps is actually adopting it. As you are probably aware of, many people don’t love the idea of change. There are many different reasons for this, but most people are uneasy about a massive change like adopting DevOps, especially at work. As you could expect, this unwillingness to change can make it tough to fully adopt DevOps.

It takes cooperation from a variety of people and a whole lot of planning. Even if your employees are open to the change to DevOps, you aren’t out of the woods yet. Other issues such as a lack of experience or poor leadership can make implementing the correct practices quite difficult.

Hopefully this article has been able to teach you about some of the many challenges facing Devops in 2019 and beyond.

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