Daily Distraction: Free lessons and stories to keep your kids occupied during lockdown

In ideal circumstances, kids would enjoy having no school and being at home. But when you throw in online classes and no going out to play, it might not be a pleasant stay after all.

During this long-lasting lockdown, parents might have to conjure up all kinds of tricks to keep kids busy. So, we’ve decided to help you a bit with some free tools for your kids ranging from free audiobooks to movies.

  • Michelle Obama will be reading a classic children’s story every Monday on PBS lives.
  • If your kids are not satisfied with your bedtime stories, don’t worry. Disney’s bedtime hotline will help your kids sleep with messages from characters such as Micky Mouse and Goofy.
  • Audible is offering free audiobooks for kids including the Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone till schools open up.

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