Communicating Through Technology Is Made Easier

Communication Is Evolving

The world-renown motivational coach and speaker Tony Robbins says about communication that “we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”

Communication is one of the most important changes that technology has introduced back into our lives. Today, individuals can communicate in real-time from anywhere in the world. When an event occurs even in the most remote part of the world, we all get to see it firsthand.

Modern forms of communication like social media apps allow us to reach our family and friends from anywhere in the world. Communicating with modern technology gives us a range of techniques in keeping us connected.

Each method of communication influences our relationships in different ways. Let’s review how technology had made communication a dominant force in all manners of expressions.

Videoconferencing – “Zoom”

Presently, due to social distancing and COVID-19 quarantining, the Zoom app is one of the most important forms of communication. Zoom earnings and its app downloads are continuing to increase quarterly by the millions.

Its videoconferencing capabilities are used daily by individuals, businesses, and educational institutions around the world. As a whole video conferencing is the latest in the global phone system. Videoconferencing systems are popular because their cloud-based design is not complicated.

Even grandparents are quickly learning how to face time with loved ones. Teleconferencing systems are very manageable which benefits all users and allows more people to use them with great ease and fun.

Voice Calling

Voice calling is a personalized method in which you can reach people, just by speaking their name. Known as wireless or Wi-Fi calling, it can be installed and used on any phone even if there is no coverage or in rural locations with weak carrier connections.

Smartphones with the Wi-Fi calling feature allow the user to make calls with the help of any available Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi has a communication tool that is inexpensive. Older individuals and disabled persons can make calls by the mere use of their voice to family members in another country.

SMS Text Messaging

SMS messages are usually sent from one mobile phone to another. It is a quick and convenient way of sending a short message to an individual or a business client. In communicating using SMS text messaging, information is sent immediately. Short communications are received and replied to at leisure. Your messages can be fast and simple, all of which to get your point across quickly.


E-mail communications have been in existence since the late 1970s. Today, email messaging remains the leading mode of send messages instantly. Businesses use email for marketing purposes with billions of emails being sent worldwide daily.

Individuals today are asked for their email address right after they are asked their name. Medical centers use email communications to reach their patient quicker and with more succinct instructions. The main requirement in communicating with email is not to overcommunicate, in other words, don’t write a book.

Speech-Generating Devices (SGDs)

The name Stephen Hawking is the picture for speech-generating devices (SGDs). SGDs help to speak for disabled individuals who can neither speak nor move their limbs. SGDs help users to actively communicate each day.

Speech-generating devices allow users to communicate effectively by the tilt of the head, use of their eyes, or a fingertip. No longer are individuals who are robbed of their verbal communications left out of daily conversations. Newer technology has also turned a person’s thoughts into language generated by computers.

Social Media Platforms

The popular social media platforms today have vastly changed the way in which we communicate. People around the world can connect with each other through blogs, pictures, videos, personal thoughts, and links.

Chatbots have been introduced opening a new world of digital marketing and customer service. Also, Instant Messaging (IM) communications through social media platforms or other social networks is a fun tool for those intimate or informal chats.

Social media posts take the lead in communication modes. It allows people to instantly share real-time content with one another. Today’s social media platforms have totally transformed how we communicate. Social media has created new opportunities for bringing personalities into an active digital world.

Communication practices today are far more than just talking to a person standing in front of you. Technology content like artificial intelligence and machine learning is now the communication features that affect we communicate. Communication is mobile and it is here to stay with the world’s population.

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