CocoDoc Review: The Best Free PDF Editor Tools in 2021

Through the years, individuals, businesses, and institutions have exchanged information and communicated through documents. Over time, environmental impacts as a result of human activity has resulted in most people opting to go green and utilize paperless communication wherever necessary.

Most official documents sent today are in PDF form. To edit this content, you need an online tool, and you will have a fantastic user experience by making use of the PDF editor at CocoDoc.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best free PDF editor tools in the market today.

  1. CocoDoc

One of the first considerations when picking a PDF editor is the variety of features available. CocoDoc has everything you need when editing and updating documents in one place, giving you some much-needed convenience. This editor allows you to upload and make edits on your applications, letters, and all other correspondence with unrivaled ease.

Here’s why you should go for CocoDoc:

  • Ease of use. CocoDoc is one of the most straightforward online PDF editor tools in 2021. You can choose a file from your PC, from Dropbox, Onedrive, or add a document URL for editing. Once that is done, you can comfortably access all available features from a well-organized interface with maximum freedom.
  • Stylish templates. On this platform, you have access to a variety of preset layouts that not only make your document better organized, but stand out. You don’t need any technical skills to utilize this feature, making it even possible for first-time users to create some stunning designs.
  • Security. CocoDoc helps you customize your signatures, ensuring a strict compliance to security protocols. The platform ensures that you not only work on your PDFs with ease, but that you also ensure the security and integrity of your content.
  • An impressive range of features. Many PDF editors are limited and don’t prove effective in some aspects. On CocoFinder, you can perform many tasks on your documents such as changing the layout, colors, text, template, and so on. After you’re done editing, you can conveniently share each document via online platforms.

Any user can access a wide variety of features by utilizing one of the best available online tools by accessing the PDF editor at CocoDoc. On CocoDoc, you have one-click access to all your documents. This handy feature makes it incredibly easy to manage and share edited material on the platform. As a new addition, this is an inspired move by the developers.

While there are many free PDF editor tools available online, CocoDoc remains a top pick. Not all PDF editors are a suitable fit for you or your business. Some designs lack vital features or present too many limitations, making them a partial solution to your specific needs.

It is important to note that on all platforms, you will access more features with a subscription. On CocoDoc for instance, you will need to be on the Basic, Premium, or Business package.

  1. PDF Candy

This Icecream Apps release is one of the best free PDF editors available today. The software runs well on all major browsers, including:

  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

PDF Candy has an excellent optical character recognition (OCR) feature that allows you to edit scanned images and text. Once you upload your document, the software reads and extracts the text for editing. On PDF Candy, you enjoy a wide variety of features which enable you to do a proper job on your document. Once you’re done editing, simply download the final document and upload a new task.

This online tool is one of the best free PDF editors available online.

  1. Apple Preview

This app is a very popular PDF editor among macOS users. Every Mac comes with Apple Preview, and these are some of the standout features on the platform:

  •  Image editor tool. This feature allows you to perform operations on images in the document with significant ease, and is a big plus for users.
  •  Annotation tools, allowing for the addition of signatures to documents
  • The software is free and comes with every Mac.

It is important to note that this software has its shortcomings as well. For a start, Apple Preview is only available for macOS users only. Also notable is the absence of the optical character recognition feature, making it a tricky proposition to edit scanned text or images.

Final Take

PDF documents are universal and present a much greater level of security compared to other formats, which is why they are the preferred mode of official correspondence. For users, one will often look at the strengths and limitations of each editor before making a choice.

From the options reviewed above, CocoDoc stands heads and shoulders above many online PDF editor tools.


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