Chatbots making dynamic changes across the technological industry (On Demand, Taxi, EScooter)


Change is an inevitable process and that’s the only dynamic constant in this rapidly transforming environment.

Generally, the transformation in technology takes place gradually but use of AI and machine learning has boosted the growth of on-demand apps at a rapid rate.

The AI chatbots are the massive intruders which are changing and influencing the technological world for better.

Even the sudden pandemic accelerated the growth of such apps and chatbots which are completely automated.

Though the phrase appears true that men are being replaced by machines.

AI – the best influencer of technology so far

The best and preferable shopping experiences get provided by AI to the customers and the new modernization of networks.

Some experts even call chatbots functioning on AI as the upcoming and great future to all the industry no matter in which sector of economy they are being recruited.

Though in this era of technology when everyday there are new innovations in technology nothing can be predicted.

The future of AI along with its chatbots is something which will be continuously flourishing throughout the next few decades without any pause.

All the sectors whether it is banking, finance, education or more are being influenced by the chatbots and they have successfully deployed chatbots for their customer care services.

The level of trust and satisfaction which gets provided by the chatbots cannot be differentiated from the answers and doubt solving sessions which were earlier solved by the humans.

Not even a thin line of difference can be made between humans and chatbots and they provide a high level of satisfaction to the customers.

The accurate and timely response is the only parameter to identify the chatbot and customer care service provided by the humans.

Even there are several IT companies that are majorly focusing on developing chatbots which function on a system based on AI.

Changing courts

The chatbots are nothing but the robotic programs that follow and emulate chats, timely providing responses to the customers and answers all the questions and doubts within a fraction of minutes and sometimes seconds.

Chatbots completely and successfully depicts the human and they are also equipped with decision- making capabilities and skills.

Chatbots have been with us since a long period of time but their continuous evolution and their self-improvement techniques have been a major helping hand behind their popularity.

Naturally, such technological advancements take major attention of the people but the sudden increase in the growth and development of On-demand services is still an unsolved mystery especially when we talk about uberisation.

Conversational AI and Chatbots

Moreover, the rapid advancements taking place in the on-demand sectors at a rapid pace is something that humans cannot match their levels.

Though we still lack technology where we predict robots making a knock at doors to fix the ceiling which starts leaking on every rainy day.

The chatbots can be called receptionists in a layman language as it ensures the entry and exit point of the customers.

Instant services can be provided whether it is home, asking a doctor for providing its consultation and treatment or calling in-person services for fixing up different things at home.

The chatbots are mechanized by consumer outlooks and preferences. Customers have the capacity to expect frequent replies within a particular span of time and the business options to exhaust and make it more simple.

With the exception of the outflow in the mobile ecommerce services helped in uplifting the bar as the companies tried their best to get the optimum traffic.

Chatbots have been emerging and serving as an important tool in every industry.

The Uber for everything example-interleaving the future

The basic and widely used app which provides the best taxi services is UBER.

A request can be made by the user to book a taxi easily via the Uber app. The app further navigates the rider’s request to its driver’s partner where the driver accepts the request for the ride.

In short, Pick up and drop up facilities can be made available to the individuals looking for a ride via such apps.

The app also includes a wide range of cars to choose from : whether it is sedan, hatch or SUV. Even the favourite cars of riders can be made available in the form of taxi.

Even if the rider wants his driver to pick up some gifts and flowers on his way before starting the ride. Such additional functions can also be performed by the drivers to fulfill the needs of the customer as it provides a great level of satisfaction.

Even while dropping the riders back to their home they can even ask the drivers to stop at groceries stores.

Such customized approaches adopted by the company make it more attractive for the users.

Diversification in the demands of individuals makes it more difficult for the companies to successfully deliver the functions which are expected by the customers.

When possibilities make the way for limitations

The on-demand economy has been gaining major attention in the overall IT sector. The company needs to explore the possible options. The recognition and prospects which increases productivity and cuts down the costs.

Chatbots are not a replacement to any kind of technology in fact they will be providing new opportunities to the particular technology.

Chatbots just require the perfect framework to understand the needs of the client and make sure that they provide the perfect response.

UI and UX design and support provides a perfect support to the background of the apps which work on On-demand services.

Nowadays, a trend has been observed where people are tired of speaking and having their doubts solved by chatbots and they want a conversation where humans assist them.

Chatbots can be considered as an alternative to replace humans in customer service.

What future holds?

Chatbots are the perfect tools and all set to roll the dice in the on-demand sectors. The quicker and frequent assistance will change the complete scenario which will provide a deeper insightful solution when compared with solutions delivered by humans.

Moreover, there are a number of companies which are looking forward to deploying such services in their companies and businesses which will yield desired results with less efforts.

Chatbots just with their deployment won’t generate the desired results; they must be used in a more hostile manner to achieve the desired results.

Chatbots in its initial phase might face several difficulties when it comes to its proper implementation and tackles but once it starts producing the desired results the sky is the only limit.

The implementation of chatbots in the particular app facilitates users and ride-hailers to have a conversation with a friendly and overwhelming customer service which are providing the best of their services.

The chatbots can waive their thanks to the abilities like AI and National language processing where the queries can get solved along with it delivers the best solution towards the queries raised by the customers within fraction of seconds.

This dynamic process gets completed within the same app.

Author Bio

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading On-demand app development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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