Challenges That Are Faced By General Freelance Transcriptionists

Transcriptionists are people who listen to video and audio files and then transcribe them into written content. The material they transcribe can be of different categories like legal, medical, and others.

Transcriptionists are people who listen to video and audio files and then transcribe them into written content. The material they transcribe can be of different categories like legal, medical, and others. Transcriptionists can be functioning for a company or as a freelancer. There are several benefits of working as a freelance transcriptionist that involves a flexible schedule, more employment opportunities, allows you to control your earnings, requires less investment, and most importantly, is a portable kind of work.

But, along with their benefits comes many challenges that have to be faced in general, freelance transcription jobs, which includes:

1. Job Security: Freelance transcription jobs are becoming extremely popular because of the convenience it offers in several ways. It’s like a way to make a living while staying at home. Therefore, because of increased competition, the difficulty in finding new clients and keeping the old ones have become tedious, which signifies that not a single client is guaranteed. You have to be the best to maintain your place in the market.

2. Meeting Deadlines on Time:

The other challenge that is faced, in freelance transcription jobs is the need to constantly meet deadlines while maintaining the quality and accuracy of the given work. A proper schedule will help you to face this challenge effectively, prevent you from getting burned out, and submit the task before time to keep your clients happy.

3. To Maintain Credibility: Confidentiality is of utmost importance to many clients, so you have to be careful while working. Neither family nor relatives should interfere with its discretion while working at home.

4. Short deadlines: In certain times, while working in freelance transcription jobs, some clients ask for a lot of work to be done within a short period. In such a situation, things can seem complicated. So, either you can ask for more time or else charge them an extra amount.

5. Long Files: Being in a freelance transcription job requires a lot of patience and hard work because you have to deal with long working hours and boring files. Usually, the person gets exhausted with body pain and aches, but it can be handled well with fixed working hours, frequent breaks, and some yoga as well as exercise.

6. Keeping up with technology:

There is a lot of competition in freelance transcription jobs. But, if you can keep up with the technology and use it at its best, then some of it can be reduced. There are grammar monitors, spell check programs, and many other things that can improve the quality of your work. So, being aware of the latest programs is one challenge among others that transcriptionists face.

7. Demanding Clients: In a while, you may come across certain clients who provide poor audios or don’t pay you on time. It would be best if you let go of those problematic clients because their unprofessionalism can drag you down and make you feel miserable.

8. Different Formatting requirements: In freelance transcription jobs, each client might provide you with a different format. So, you will have to go through them before and after completing the respective transcription to avoid any errors. It does seem like an obstacle, but it is necessary.

9. Low salaries: Initially, when you start working as a freelance transcriptionist, there will be times when you will receive low payments even for good quality work. In such situations, we often get disheartened and low-esteemed. But in freelance transcription jobs, you have to wait for more significant opportunities and payment.

10. Ambiguity: This is a point which you will understand when you start working. There will be clients who wouldn’t give you an accurate description of what they want and how they want exactly. In certain situations, you have to figure out everything by connecting with them again and again, which is a challenge.

11. Too much customization: You won’t mind changes if they are asked in one go. But in some cases, a client would keep demanding it and confuse the hell out of you.

12. Bargaining: You will face times when clients would bargain too much with you. They would want you to work more for less money in return. At such times, never settle for anything less than you deserve.

13. Not having enough clients: As a freelance general transcriptionist, you will face situations when your growth might become stagnant. The reason is, sometimes, we feel we have enough clients, and in reality, we don’t. You get so much acquainted with a certain amount of projects in hand that it becomes difficult to notice the importance of others.

14. Learning new things:

To keep up with others, constant improvement is necessary. But, this business asks for a lot of time, and it becomes quite impossible to learn new things even when we want to.

15. Isolation: You need to be ready for isolation in this kind of job. As a freelance transcriptionist, we are mostly so busy with work, and in free time we prefer to rest. So, barely move out of the house or be socially involved, which can be challenging.

16. Work-life balance: How much ever you try, maintaining the work-life balance is going to be extremely difficult. Most people fail to do so, but still, you can achieve if you’re determined.

17. Fake Clients or Companies:

Some fake clients and companies can take advantage of your skills without paying. Therefore, always take from verified companies or from people you know to avoid the chances of getting scammed.

These were some fundamental challenges and problems that people face while working in freelance transcription jobs. Other than that, maintaining discipline and time, being determined throughout, taking proper breaks, procrastination, sleep timing, and many other things that seem so small, play a significant role in our progress and failure.

But do not feel discouraged if you can manage everything with a strong will over the years, then success will come running towards you in this freelance transcription business.

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