Captain Cooks Casino: A Safe Online Casino For Quebec Players?


Do you want to start playing online casino games?

Are you worried about the authenticity and legality of a website that you wish to play on?

Is there an issue with the kind of deposit that you want to make?

Do you prefer some particular kind of games that you would want to play?

If you have been asking yourself any one of the above questions, congratulations, you have come to the right article.

In this article, we will be taking an in-depth look into Captain Cooks Casino Gaming Platform. We will also be discussing some important features that makes Captain Cooks Casino stand out as a shining start of the online gaming world.

The casino gaming world has been shrouded in mystery for a long time. However, of late, it has reinvented itself by becoming more mainstream, popular and accessible to a vast cross-section of the population.

Captain Cooks Casino: History of the platform

There are very few online casino platforms in the world that can claim to have as long a history as Captain Cooks. The platform became first accessible to audiences in early 2000’s. It means that for nearly twenty years, the online casino platform has been highly successful.

Ask anyone from Canada about a good reference regarding online casino. We are confident that Captain Cooks will feature on the top three list. This is because Captain Cooks has worked hard over the last twenty years to build trust, credibility and reputation in the online casino industry.

What makes Captain Cooks such a great Online Casino Platform?

While there are many reasons that contribute to the success of the Captain Cooks platform, we will try discussing the top five.

  1. Great diversity of Casino Games-

While most platforms boast of having hundred to two hundred games, Captain Cooks has over 550 Micro-gaming Games on the platform. These games range from the conservative to the aggressive, from the mild ones to full-out crazy ones.

  1. 97% Redistribution Rate-

People often stop playing casino games when they stop winning. Captain Cooks works on a very high principle of redistribution. This stands at over 97%. No other gaming platform on the internet offers as high a redistribution percentage as Captain Cooks.

  1. $5USD Registration Fee-

While all sites start their registrations from at least $10 USD, Captain Cooks only asks five dollars from you. Once you register with the five dollars, you are given the option of playing a number of free games on the platform.

  1. Captain Cooks Casino Rewards Group-

For most people, the Casino Reward Program of Captain Cooks is its main USP. This program enables you to cash in your reward points and collect loyalty points, not only from the casino of your choice, but all of them on the platform. If you accumulate the same, it amounts to a lot.

  1. Reliability of the platform-

When any business stays in operation for nearly twenty years, you can imagine that it has built its reputation. Every player, even a novice can be confident that he or she is engaging with a credible and legit casino gaming platform.

Captain Cooks Casino: The Final Word

While there is some online chatter revolving around criticisms of the platform, this is mostly motivated by the competitors. Most of the times, competitors use unfair and unethical practices to malign a leading brand. In the case of Captain Cooks, this has been found to be the case.

Being registered with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Captain Cooks has been able to fulfill all legislative hurdles and permissions that are required of legit platforms operating online casino games.

Can you think of some other reputed online casino platforms and websites that are of the same league as Captain Cooks? Let us know in the comments section below.



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