Buyer Hacks to Spotting a Fake Rolex

There are several luxury watch brands in the market today, and one brand always makes it to the top of every collector’s list. The Swiss luxury watch brand is always sought after for its exquisite designs. But with so many sellers and resellers, buyers get scammed all the time. We are here to give you some tips on spotting the real deal.

The Ticking Sound

Rolex watches are one of the brands that come into mind when people think about luxury watches. If you’re one of them, you’re not wrong. In fact, people have tons of stories about owning their first luxury watches and most of them are Rolex watches. If you want to have your very first Rolex, you have to check for the ticking sound.

In most watches, you can hear their ticking sounds when placed near your ear. However, for Rolex watches, ticking sounds could mean the watch is fake. Their timepieces are powered by an automatic movement. The ticking sound you might be hearing means the presence of quartz.

The eight micro parts included in a Rolex watch causes the watch to function automatically without sound. If your watch is silent, you just check the first feature to verify the authenticity of your Rolex watch.

The Back Case

Are you buying a second-hand Rolex watch? Check the back of the watch for the presence of hologram stickers. This may be a sign that the watch is fake… or not. Rolex has already discontinued using hologram stickers recently. However, it is still attached to some of their models so it is best to check their website for those models.

Moreover, the back cases of Rolex watches are never engraved, unless either the previous owner decorated it or it was manufactured in the ‘30s. All Rolex watches feature a clean and stunning metal finish casing. They do not have a see-through case.

The Crystal

If you have a clear vision or a magnifying lens, time to put those into work to verify your Rolex watch. Since they are known for their “Crown” branding, they have incorporated it into the crystal of their watches. If you can’t see it on your Rolex watch, it may be a fake… or you just need a magnifying lens.

The size of the crown is tiny, especially on those watch models manufactured after 2002. It is placed over the 6 o’clock mark. If you have a fake Rolex, you can see that the size and shape of the dots and the crown are different. The real Rolex watches features are cleaner compared with the fake ones.

The Materials 

You can’t have a luxury watch made of poor materials! Rolex put in much effort to only give its customers the convenience and luxury of time telling with their carefully chosen materials. Rolex only uses 950 platinum and 18-carat gold. However, fake Rolex watches come with a steel cover.

You need an expert’s eye to spot the difference for this but here is some extra information about their materials. They use aerospace preferred high-grade alloy with high resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, they started using Cerachrom for their bezels in 1995 coated with platinum or gold.

The Hand Movement

Rolex is known for its precision. The second hand in fake Rolex watches staggers when it moves, which indicates a mechanical movement. They never made quartz-powered watches. Furthermore, you can spot a fake Rolex watch if the GMT hand gets dragged along the hour hand.

The Cyclops

If the Rolex watches being sold to you has a date window, you should check the magnifying glass that enlarges the date display. It’s called “Cyclops.” Just like their watch cases, the Cyclops always has a smooth finish and displays the date 2.5 times its size. If it’s a little blurry, you might have a fake one with you.

The Serial Number

Many first time buyers know about the legendary serial numbers on Rolex watches. Counterfeits can also copy the serial numbers, so you have to keep an eye on this as well. So how do you spot a fake serial number?

Always remember that Rolex only brings a quality finish to its timepieces. The first thing you have to check is the engraving. The serial numbers are engraved cleanly on the metal body, not etched. If you see an etched serial number on your watch, it must be a fake one.

The Text

Not many people advise new Rolex collectors about this feature in their watches. The text on a Rolex watch is evenly aligned and placed between lines and letters. If the watch sold to you has uneven font size and spacing, it can be an indication that it is not an authentic piece.


There are tons of resellers trading used Rolex watches worldwide. With our above mentioned tips and tricks, you can now buy your first Rolex watch with an expert’s eye. If you want to buy their new models, nothing beats the safety of purchasing from accredited stores and original Rolex stores.

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