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BlockSite is a productivity boosting, time management software application that eliminates common online distractions, and helps users focus on the job at hand. Designed by SystemBase Ltd, it can be installed as either an extension on your favorite Mac/PC browser, or you can install their dedicated iOS app from the App Store directly on iPads, iPod Touch media players and iPhones.

What Does BlockSite Do?

Just as the tagline of SystemBase’s BlockSite iOS app and browser extensions suggest, the software has been designed to help users gain back control of their own time. To achieve this, BlockSite blocks the user’s access to harmful, distracting and time wasting websites, which might be taking up a lot more hours from their daily schedule than they should.

Users can block one or multiple supported categories of websites from the menu, instead of having to block each web address manually. This means that for the selected time frame, you will not be allowed to access any gambling website or installed applications, provided that’s the category you choose to block. The apps/sites will not be able to lure you in by distracting push notifications either.

Does BlockSite Work?

We tested out the iOS app on an iPhone 11 by taking two separate approaches, which are as follows:

Acute Test Scenario

  1. Each category available for blocking was turned on individually first, and then simultaneously    later
  2. After that, multiple attempts were made towards visiting the blocked category of websites from the same device

BlockSite was successfully able to block the most popular social media websites and apps such as Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, as well as multiple other addictive sites and installed apps from genres such as porn, betting and gambling.

It should be noted that a site/app or two did get through from time to time, but that was mostly because we were persistently trying to see if some of them would! For the most part, it’s safe to say that even under acute testing, the iOS BlockSite app worked Extremely well in taking away the chosen category of websites.

Real Use Case Scenario

A day of putting BlockSite to real life usage proved to be particularly satisfactory, since no social media notifications, or other push notifications from the blocked sources popped up in the middle of a workday. Any attempts to visit a generally popular social media, gambling or porn site was also blocked in similar manner to how such attempts were blocked during our acute scenario testing.

In our experience, BlockSite worked exactly as advertised, and if you can benefit from any of these features, then it will work for you too. Check out more BlockSite reviews from actual users on their official webpage to get a better idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that the real-life experiences of using the extension/app and its practical effects will differ from person to person, depending on their specific usage and requirements.

What You Need to Know about BlockSite Before Subscribing

The BlockSite app for iOS comes with a bunch of useful features, and supports a wide range of mobile browsers as well, but the list is not comprehensive. Go through the following details first to know exactly which features are included and which browsers are supported:

  • Chrome, Opera Touch, Aloha, Puffin, Firefox and Safari are now supported
  • Macro and Micro management: Users can choose to block an entire category of websites, or manually block a specific website, or even just specific categories of a website
  • Supported blocking categories include Sports, News, Gambling, Adult Content and Social Media among a few others

App Vs. Extension

Features offered by the iOS app are similar to what we found on the extension, with a few noticeable differences in interface and presentation. Experience on the BlockSite app was of course more fleshed out, since extensions are simpler cloud-based applications which primarily interact with the concerned browser only. This one being an app installed onboard the iPhone itself, had access to more local files to utilize. The BlockSite App interacts with the actual device and iOS itself, as this is necessary to control distracting/addictive applications which might be installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Should You Download It?

Distraction from smartphone apps and websites is a serious problem that hampers productivity, whether you are a student, a homemaker or a busy employee. BlockSite brings multiple features that can help users remove such distractions and addictions from their work/student/personal life with just a few taps. On top of all that, BlockSite on the App Store is free to download as well, so there’s no reason not to try it out yourself.

Choosing a subscription plan will only be necessary if you wish to have continued access to all of BlockSite’s advanced features, such as a more comprehensive list of site/app categories to block. Unlike most apps that we have come across on the App Store, BlockSite doesn’t make it mandatory for its users to sign up for a long-term subscription off the bat, because they also have monthly, bi-monthly, bi-yearly and yearly subscription offers for users to choose from. However, choosing a long-term subscription offer is going to be significantly cheaper in the long run.


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