Best wireless Bluetooth earbuds and in-ear headphones to buy right now (December 2018)

Wireless headphones are nothing new as this old and proven concept fits in particularly well with the nature of accessories whose purpose is to comfortably and  unobtrusively pump sound in your ears while you go by with your daily business. Truly, die-hard audiophiles probably cringe and wince at the thought of surrendering their high-end cans for Bluetooth earbuds, but this wouldn’t make a difference to the average Joe out there who will certainly value the comfort and added ease of use of the wireless buds.

But which ones to buy? You’d be forgiven to be a little torn between all the options that exist n the market as device and accessory manufacturers are stepping their game and coming up with newer and newer gadgets of the type; take the currently-ongoing CES for a prime example – a large portion of all new devices that got announced were either wireless or wireless and smart headphones.

As we always strive to make things easy for you, we summed up some of the wireless in-ear headphones and earbuds that you should consider if you are entertaining the idea of getting yourself a set. To make matters easier for you, we’ve separated all the noteworthy option into different price ranges which should make it easier for you to find a neat pair for your budget.


1. Best wireless earbuds under $ 40
2. Best wireless earbuds under $ 100
3. Best wireless earbuds under $ 200


Best wireless earbuds under $ 40

FocusPower F10

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  • Not water-resistant
  • Only one color option

The Focuspower F10 is a budget offering that we would cautiously recommend. Despite that some users report the occasional connectivity issues while being outside, the majority of its owners seem to be pretty happy with these truly wireless Bluetooth-enabled earbuds. Apparently, these have the rather okay-ish battery life of around 4.5 hours at full volume and more than 7 hours if you dial things down and spare your ears at 40% volume. Should the earbuds run out of juice, you will have to use the included bespoke USB dongle charger that uses inductive charging to top them up, which usually takes half an hour. Similar to other gadgets in the same category, these arrive with 3 pairs of interchangeable ear tips that will help you find the best possible comfort for your ears.

Senso Bluetooth headphones

These are tethered to one another via a wire, but for all intents and purposes, they are otherwise wireless, and have a pretty good battery life of over 8 hours of continuous music playback and 240 hours of standby after 1.5 hours of charging. With a V-shaped sound that features exaggerated bass and treble, these would likely be enjoyable to the not-so-picky listeners out there. Boastiung IPX7 waterproof rating, these Senso earbuds can be used in sweaty predicaments and would always fit nicely into your ears thanks to the gel flex silicone ear tips that snuggly fit inside your ears. But that’s not all – there’s also active noise-canceling on board. On top of that, the manufacturer offers a full year of warranty as well as as 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.

Soundmoov 316T


  • Not waterproof
  • Only one color option

The truly wireless Soundmoov 316T are a rather decent pair of earbuds that offer real wireless stereo as per the TWS (True Wireless System) standard. This means that you can enjoy true wireless stereo without the hassle of the cord. You can use either the two of the earbuds together or share one of them with, say, your phone and the other one with another Bluetooth device; of course, you can pair the two with one another and enjoy true stereo. As far as battery life goes, Soundmoov promises up to 3 hours of continuous music listening on a full charge, whereas popping these inside their 450mAh charging box will let you recharge the earbuds up to 3 times. Just like other earbuds of the same ilk, these also come with a number of additional ear caps.

Best wireless earbuds below $ 100

Motorola Stream


  • Unimpressive battery life
  • Uninspiring design

Yep, Motorola’s also in the game, and its Stream earbuds are a pretty decent pair for the money they’re asking. There actually isn’t any major feature that’s not available on these: they utilize Bluetooth 4.1, have that essential IP54 water- and dust-resistance against the elements, support the two most popualr smart assistants out there – Siri and Google Assistant – and finally, have those dual-mics for noise-canceling hands-free calling. However, their battery life is a bit lousy – up to 2 hours on a single charge, but thankfully, the charging case allows you to charge them up twice more; still, we are not impressed. The same can be said about their overall design, which is “meh” at best.

beyerdynamic Byron

Price: $ 99


  • Not water-resistant

Beyerdynamic’s emphasizes on sound quality with its Byron wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and we wouldn’t expect nothing less from the popular audio gear manufacturer. So, what do the Byrons have that other earbuds fall short of? Easy, they are tailored with audiophiles in mind, offering a more neutral audio representation that doesn’t exaggerate low or high frequencies as much as the vast majority of earbuds you can think of; the earbuds cover all frequencies between 10 – 23,000 Hz and a nominal pressure of 90dB. There is aptX support for even higher-quality and lower latency sound, which is something we’d expect of beyerdynamic. With a battery life of around 7.5 hours, these will easily last you a workday of continuous listening to music. There’s also a remote control attached on the cord that tethers the two earbuds together, allowing you to easily control music playback. A pair of different ear tips and optional ear fins are also included so that you can find your most comfortable fit.

RHA MA650 Wireless


  • A bit cumbersome around the neck

British audio gear maker RHA has really come up with something pretty good here: its MA650 wireless earbuds really have any feature you might think of, including the kitchen sink. Their biggest strength it probably the stupendous 12-hour battery life that’s times better than what other wireless earbuds offer. The MA650 also feature colorful LEDs that indicate the battery’s level and also feature a battery-saving feature that kicks off after a certain time of inactivity. RHA’s fancy earbuds are also made of aluminum and have IPX4 water-resistance, a USB Type-C charging port, easy NFC pairing with your phone, as well as noise isolation. AAC, aptX, and SBC support is also on board, and with a V-shaped equalizer that covers all frequencies between 16 – 22,000Hz, these will cater to people that want their music to sound fun. As you might expect, a number of additional accessories are also included in the package.

Best wireless earbuds above $ 100 and beyond

Apple AirPods

Price: $ 159


  • Only one color option (white)
  • Not waterproof

You probably saw that coming, but Apple’s AirPods are among the better and most versatile smart wireless earbuds you can get today. With a great battery life of up to 5 hours, fast charging (up to 3 hours of playback after a 15-min charging session), dual noise-canceling microphones that filter out background noise during calls, and compatibility with any Bluetooth device you can think of, the AirPods tick all the boxes for truly wireless earbuds. They also bring Siri straight to your ears for easier communication with the smart assistant, but this feature naturally only works when hooked up to an iPhone or an iPad. 

Jaybird Run

Price: $ 179.99


  • Only one color option
  • Battery life too short for a tethered headset

Jaybird’s answer to the AirPods is more than a decent one. Their waterproof design is perfectly-tailored with sportier folks in mind as the sweat that’s prevalent during workouts wouldn’t damage the internals of the earbuds no matter how hard you push yourself. The battery inside will last you around 4 hours on a charge, with the battery case allowing you to charge earbuds twice more. Don’t worry though – these charge quite fast, with a 5-min charge equaling to a hour of playback time. You can also only use a single bud to stay in touch with your surroundings. Thanks to the comfortable fit, these won’t simply fall out during your workout, which is among the number one nuisances when working out. Aside from listening to music on these, voice calls are also on the menu. As far as sounds is concerned, you get to customize how tunes sound thanks to Jaybird’s phone companion app.

Sony WF-SP700N

Price: $ 149.99


  • Battery life leaves a lot to be desired
  • Slightly bulky

Ah, Sony’s device names are just rolling off the tongue, like a well-roasted corn on the cob. Jokes aside, the Sony WF-SP700N are a pair of totally wireless and quite promising earbuds that are not yet technically available for purchase. With their snug fit, IPX4 water-resistance, sporty design including a super-cool charging case, noise-cancellation that still can let ambient sound to pass through thanks to Sony’s Ambient Sound Modes, and the Google Assistant coming along with a software update at a later date. While they do sound good indeed, the battery life is a bit disappointing, with Sony promising only up to 3 hours of music playback before you have to fall back to the charging case for a quick top-up. At least you can choose between four different color versions – black, pink, yellow, and white.

Samsung Gear IconX (2018)

Price: $ 199.99


  • Not water-resistant

Samsung’s multi-functional IconX (2018) earbuds are truly one of the best and most versatile accessories you can get for your contemporary Samsung flagship. Honestly, playing music is the most boring and mundane feature of these, as they are among the few earbuds in-between that track your health data with a built-in sensor live, feeding it directly to Samsung Health. Additionally, they have 4GB of built-in storage that allows you to throw in thousands of songs on the native memory and listen to music even if you don’t bring your device along. How would you control playback, then? Easy – the front side of each earbud functions as a capacitive, multi-functional button that allows you to play/pause, forwards, skip songs, and even access your virtual workout coach. As far as battery life goes, you can eke out 7 hours of listening to songs from the internal storage and up to 5 hours of streaming on Bluetooth. The supplied charging case allows you to re-charge both IconX earbuds almost fully, but even a 10-minute charge will get you another hour of functionality.

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones

Price: $ 249

The top-of-the-line Bose SoundSport Truly Wireless Sport headphones will wow you with the sound quality they are capable of putting out. With an IPX4-rating, the earbuds are a perfect match for sporty activities. The Bose Connect app has a ‘Find My Buds’ feature that tracks when and where your headphones were last connected to your phone. If you still can’t find your earbuds, they will emit an audible sound that will make tracking them a little bit easier. This charging case protects and recharges your earbuds while you recover from your workout. It’s magnetized, so it keeps them in place while they charge. It also provides two additional full charges—or up to 10 hours of battery life.

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