Best Way to Open Rar File Without Password If Forgot


To protect the personal & private informational data from getting accessed without permission, we prefer to encrypt the file using WinRAR tool. But for those who have somehow lost the password can still recover the data by applying an effective solution to hack WinRAR password.

Handling the robust programming of WinRAR to open RAR file without password can be harmful to the data if an improper technique is applied. The Passper for RAR tool discussed here is a prominent way to break RAR password, while you can also go with the Notepad method discussed later, to fulfil the task.

Method 1: Open Rar File Without Password If Forgot Using Passper for RAR (Simplest Way)

The Passper for RAR is the best RAR password cracker designed specially to break RAR password. If you face any issue with password protection on a RAR file, then the most appropriate method that you can use to open password protected RAR file. No matter how typical the password is, it ensures the user to recover the correct password as quickly as possible. It has the technologically advanced system to speed-up the process by 15 times, and while decoding the password, it guarantees to keep the data intact with zero loss. The trial version of the Passper for RAR is availed for free to download on the website, while for complete working you have to purchase the full version of the tool.

Features Of Passper for RAR

  • The Passper For RAR is compatible with all the version from Windows 10 to Windows XP.
  • It has simple and interactive user-interface.
  • It works sufficiently well over 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM.
  • The advanced technology of multi-core CPU and NVIDIA G80+ GPU fastens the processing time to hack WinRAR password.
  • With specific knowledge about the password, one of the four attack modes can be applied suitably and decrease the decoding time.
  • It has a system to pause the password recovery process anytime and later resume from the same point.

How To Use Passper for RAR

The Passper for RAR is a computer application program that has to be installed over Windows OS. Once you are done with it, you can follow the instructions given here to open password protected RAR file.

Step 1. Open the Passper for RAR tool on your PC, and click on the left column on the front page to add the RAR file.

Step 2. After adding the file, choose any attack mode from the right column that is most suitable to the details you possess about the password.

Combination Attack: Here, you can provide all the characters that constitute the password, and the attack mode will make all the possible combinations to crack the password.

Dictionary Attack: Some commonly used password can be easily detected using the inbuilt password dictionary in this mode. The user can also upload his list of the dictionary words/ phrases.

Mask Attack: Here, you can provide some more information such as the password length or a few set of characters involved.

Brute Force Attack: If nothing is known about the password, then this mode is a perfect choice. It will take some more time but will make all the alphanumeric combinations to fetch the password.

Step 3. Once you select the attack mode, hit the “Next” button to begin the process.

Depending upon the attack mode chosen, you may have to wait for a reasonable time. The Passper for RAR successfully hack WinRAR password and displays it on the panel.

Method 2: Open Rar File Without Password If Forgot Using NotePad

How to open password protected RAR file without software? The NotePad, which can also help you to open RAR file without password successfully. This is not a very suggestive method as it involves typing an extended programming code by the user, and this certainly does not suit either tech-savvy or a non-technical person. It is a hectic method, takes a long time, and may even fail or corrupt the file if you are unable to put the correct codes on the NotePad. Follow the instructions to remove RAR password using NotePad.

Step 1. Search for NotePad tool on the “Start” menu on your PC, and click to open it.

Step 2. Check the code in the picture shown here, and type it as it is on the NotePad.

Step 3. Save the NotePad file as rar-password.bat.

Step 4. Now click on the saved NotePad file to open it with Command Prompt.

Step 5. Type the RAR file name, and hit the “Enter” key.

Step 6. Now copy the RAR file location from where it is stored on the computer, and paste it on the Command Prompt.

Step 7. Hit the “Enter” key.


The process will take some time to fetch the password, and will display it on the Command Prompt window.


Since most of the private and confidential data is in digital form, it becomes evident to protect them from unwanted access, by applying password encryption. But for any reason, if you had to break RAR password for opening the file, then the most relevant solutions are described above. The NotePad method is free of cost but fails in maximum situations as it is challenging to apply the complex coding without proper guidance. The other way to hack WinRAR password is Passper for RAR, which is quite simple to use, and efficient in performance.


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