Best Games of the Week December 6


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A Renaissance puzzler and a classic board game brought to the modern age highlight our latest Best Games of the Week.

The House of Da Vinci 2
Space Grunts 2

Space Grunts 2

Pascal Bestebroer

A Rogue-Like With More

Take a ride into the unknown in Space Grunts 2. The game is a fast-turn based rogue-like with card-battling mechanics. You’ll explore randomly created levels and use cards defeat aliens or interact with different objects.

Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars

Asmodee Digital

Explore the Red Planet

The popular board game Terraforming Mars has made its way to iOS devices. In the game, you’ll lead a corporation and try to terraform the Red Planet. You can play against the computer or challenge up to five players in an online or offline multiplayer mode.

Birk's Adventure

Birk’s Adventure

Donut Games

A Fun Retro Adventure

On a dark, stormy night, an unknown force appears in the Kingdom of Nidalia. Birk is tasked with unraveling the mystery and restoring peace to the kingdom. In the non-linear gameplay of Birk’s Adventure, you’ll explore the kingdom freely. And with a casual gameplay style, you’ll respawn in the last room instead of having to start all over.

She Sees Red

She Sees Red


An Grisly Interactive Movie

She Sees Red is a unique, interactive game. The grisly game focuses on a multiple murder at a seedy nightclub. You’ll make choices along the way in the non-linear narrative that will change what happens. There are four multiple endings to experience.



Marmalade Game Studio

The Classic Board Game Brought to Life

Buy, sell, and win in the classic board game brought to life on the App Store. The game features an animated 3D city and can be played alone against the computer or with family and friends. There is a pass-and-play mode and an online multiplayer option. As a nice touch, there is also a quick mode to help finish the game faster than usual.


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