Best Games of the Week August 23


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Our Best Games of the Week feature a new interactive mystery, a beautiful and emotional journey, and a game about cats and coding.

Telling Lies
Telling Lies

Telling Lies

Annapurna Interactive

You Decide the Truth

In the game, you’ll sit in front of an anonymous laptop with a stolen NSA database of video footage. The secretly recorded footage is of four people linked by a shocking incident. You’ll explore the database of video, taken over two years, by typing in search terms. You can watch the clips where those words are spoken.



Devolver Digital, Inc.

A Beautiful Journey

A young girl’s sorrow is manifested in her dress with gives new abilities to navigate the reality.



Filip Loster

Get to Swiping

There are more than 20 different puzzles with 200 story cards to explore.

while True: learn()

while True


Puzzles, Cats and Programming

while True: learn() is all about different puzzlers. You’ll play as a coder who finds that their cat is good at coding, but not at speaking humans. So it’s up to you to dive into the world of machine learning and use visual programming to create a cat-to-human speech system. No coding experience is necessary to play.

Man Vs. Missiles: Combat

Man Vs

Spiel Studios

Hit the Unfriendly Skies

The latest game in the series features more of the aerial combat and evasion fun.

Type II

Type II

Stepan Mynarik

Combing a First-Person Shooter With Tower Defense

Type II is a unique sci-fi shooter that combines gameplay from two different genres. You’ll take control of an automated defense system protecting planets 40 light years away from Earth. Players will lay out their strategy at the beginning of each emend wave and then man the guns.


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