Best Apps of the Week October 18


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An easy-to-use Apple Watch mood tracker tops our list of the best new apps this week. See what else made the list.

Aura: Simple Mood Tracker

Aura: Simple Mood Tracker

Talkabout Design LLC

An Apple Watch Mood Tracker

Only for Apple Watch, Aura is an easy-to-use mood tracker designed around privacy. No data ever leaves your device. You can record your current mood at anytime time. The app will display current mood and historical data.

Hue Melodi

Hue Melodi

Tradfri Lux

Take Your Philips Hue Lighting to a New Level

Hue Melodi will listen to the music and then change your Hue smart lights accordingly. You can select a color palette to match your mood and even if you want transitions.

Cue Action | Shots & Layouts

Cue Action | Shots & Layouts

Bright Mediums

Layout a Perfect Shot

Designed for pool fans, Cue Action allows you to diagram individual shots and more with just a few taps. You can pan around the table in portrait or landscape and also save and share the results.


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