Are iPhones Still Relevant


The multinational tech company Apple Inc., after years of its impressive product selling triumphs, offers a variety of original and creative, state-of-the-art devices such as the MacBook, iPad, and Apple Watch. However, the legendary iPhone is still unarguably the corporation’s most epoch-making and identifiable product. Selling high-quality, luxurious, and innovative goods to the world, is (not)easy, but having the consistency to do so is what makes it so hard. The bread and butter of Apple‘s business, is selling its products as if they were consumers’ most needed essentials, that is, making them an indispensable part of our modern, tech-savvy society. Can you even imagine life without asking Siri to give you directions/set up a meeting/ remind you to call your mom/take a note?

Truth be told, iPhone (any iPhone to this date, the latest version included) is not at all what one would call the perfect phone; but rather a hallmark of our time, an incredibly distinguishable smart device that makes all things, a.k.a. life, much easier, much more connected, and way more fun. And the proof is in the enormous and ever extending number of all the perfectly content iPhone users.

Nevertheless, these days everything is changing at warp speed with the development of new, revolutionary technologies and innovations. The question of whether iPhone will remain relevant tomorrow, or by the end of the year, or by the end of the decade for that matter actually baffles everyone – both consumers and tech companies alike. Of course, each of us has different needs – if you are an outdoorsy person, your average smartphone can’t offer something like a card-sized multi-tool, which can also seamlessly fit in your wallet, such as the Dango Tactical EDC Wallet.

In this case, your iPhone can only show you a map and put your head in the right direction, but EDC can provide you with more than 14 distinctive and, above all, very practical tools to face any situation life puts you in. Or, in case if you are someone who is organized and punctual, it’s true that your latest iPhone can offer correct time in any time zone, along with a multitude of other time-related, calendar/schedule details, but is it really like wearing Seiko Excelsior Gunmetal SSC139 Solar Watch – a quality timepiece that is at the same time both eco-friendly and very low-maintenance? Regardless of everything, this is a “to each their own” type of a situation, and you cannot really compare a smartphone with some other cool accessories.

The relevancy of iPhone is unequivocally important; especially when you take in consideration the fact that every move and action Apple has ever made has also been of ground-breaking importance, super bold and, for lack of a better word, simply epic. Just as it did this September when the company presented its radically reinvented iPhones with completely fresh design and the largest display ever; an even faster Face ID system; the smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone; and a breakthrough dual-camera system. All these remarkable features, naturally, come with a price tag that is considerably high (well, higher than before), but that simply doesn’t seem to matter. We, as faithful fans and consumers of all things Apple, gladly accept anything that we are offered. When you think about it, the iPhone is not just a communication device, but also the most dominant exclusive creation in the whole history of consumer electronics. Buying an iPhone is not just about buying a phone. Oh, no. There’s so much more to it. It is buying a unique experience and a certain connectivity and becoming an integral part of our present-day society.

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