Apple Drops New iOS 14 Update: Here Are All The Cool Features It Brings

Every year, a new iOS update arrives with new features and value additions for iPhone and iPad users. Millions of iPhone users wait for the update to avail cool new features for absolutely free apart from receiving security patches to reduce bugs and user interface changes.

Every year, a new iOS update arrives with new features and value additions for iPhone and iPad users. Millions of iPhone users wait for the update to avail cool new features for absolutely free apart from receiving security patches to reduce bugs and user interface changes. The new iOS 14 released in this pandemic-hit year is no exception to such expectations.

Apple iOS comes with a beta version for the developers and the users in general. There have been multiple beta releases as of now coming with fixes and solutions to problems with every subsequent release since the first beta was released in June.

Here in this article, we are going to explain everything both developers of any iPhone app development company and app users need to know about the iOS 14 update including the all cool features and some problems with the latest update.

The Major Issues With The iOS 14 Update

Whenever Apple comes with the new iOS update some common complaints regarding Bluetooth connection or battery drain or app crashes flare-up besides other problems.

Let’s have a quick look at the major issues found with the iOS 14 update.

  • Faster battery drainage: Already complaints came regarding rapid battery draining issues with the iOS 14 update.
  • Switching aliases for email: Some observers found that in the new iOS 14 version the Mail switches the selected alias when sending the emails. The problem has been resolved by Apple in iOS 14.1.
  • Spy widget in iOS 14: The widely rumored problem that iOS 14 can act as spying keyloggers has already been proven as baseless.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issue: There have been complaints about losing the Wi-Fi connection when the device is idle and the connection problem persists when the device comes out to active mode again. This issue was resolved by Apple in iOS 14.01.
  • Bugs reverting apps to default state: After the release of iOS 14 some users were complaining that bugs are reverting the apps to their default state. Apple has already fixed this bug issue in iOS 14.0.1.

The iPhone Models Compatible With iOS 14

Is the iPhone you use compatible with the latest iOS 14? Yes, it is compatible if you use an iPhone 6s or later versions. There is no iOS 14 compatibility issue

for users of all iPhone devices starting from the iPhone 6s.

  • Cool New Features of iOS 14

iOS 14 like every previous iOS update is enriched with an array of cool new features that improve in-app interactions and device feature usage more interesting than ever before. Before you hire dedicated developers for your next iOS project, you must have a look at the great value additions this new update offers.

  • Changes With Home Screen and User Interface

The home screen of iOS 14 looks exceptionally different and offers a lot of customization options for the users.

  • App Library

This is a new feature that helps users with an efficient cool way to organize apps. Thanks to this feature the users instead of going through multiple pages, can now access a multitude of apps through a single view.

All apps are arranged into smart categories such as Social, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Apple Arcade, etc to help find the apps easily. Every category works like a folder within the App Library page, but icons of apps you use frequently appear larger to help easy tapping to launch.

  • Widgets

Widgets are like an easy drag-and-drop feature to help you draw the widgets and drag the chosen widgets to the home screen areas where you want to see them. iOS 14 offers widgets with multiple size options, ranging from the space consumed by four or eight app icons.

You have a new widget option such as Smart Stack that works more like Siri App Suggestions to help you access apps that you are likely to require at a specific context or location or time.

  • Siri

With the new iOS 14, Apple has decided to improve the capabilities of Siri. To begin with, the new Siri has been redesigned visually with new graphics, and a more appealing user interface. The new Siri interface will help to showcase the Siri results through a well-organized small box at the very top of the screen.

Apart from that, Apple also ensures Siri to be smarter than ever before. According to Apple, Siri is at least 20 times faster in ceasing the facts with easy finger-tapping than what it was earlier. It can even now handle and reply to more complicated questions.

Users can now ask Siri to send voice messages. Siri can now run dictation within the device instead of relying solely on the web. As for translation, Siri is capable of translating more languages.

  • Apple Translate

Because of the popularity of the translation feature, Apple has also come up with a new app called Translate that can handle as many as 11 languages and can work offline.

The dedicated Translation app of Apple comes with a conversation mode offered already by Google Translate. The only shortcoming of this app is that it offers to carry a conversation with just a single microphone button instead of one for each participant in the conversation. The app offers great capabilities in automatically detecting the languages spoken in conversation.

  • Messages

The new iOS 14 Messages feature allows you to pin a conversation on the top of the device screen besides adding inline replies and conversational threads to the app interface.

This feature allows you to be notified about group messages as and when someone in a conversation mentions you. This will make iPhone Messages more helpful for collaboration.

The Memojis have also been updated with as many as 20 new headwear styles, face coverings, and faces of different ages.

  • Apple Maps

With the iOS 14 update, Apple rolled out a new Map version with some new capabilities and an extensive range of information. The new Map app offers guides for major cities around the world and these guides can be saved for the future. Whenever new information is available, the city guides and respective maps are updated automatically.

  • CarPlay

The all-new Apple CarPlay comes with a new wallpaper and several new app categories. The most important value addition is digital car keys that as of now are limited to only the 2021 BMW 5 Series. Though Apple is planning to roll out the feature for a wide range of cars over time.

The new digital car key is safely stored in the Secure Element of iPhone and they can also be shared with chosen people through iMessage.

  • App Clips

As for the App Store, there is a mini-app called App Clip that has been launched.  This is nothing but a little part of any existing app that can be easily discovered and downloaded and that only stays until the users need it.

This will allow companies to provide App Clips for the users of their existing apps in particular situations. Through an app clip, you can buy a product without using the full features of the app.


The all-new Apple iOS 14 hit the market with a bang and made many preoccupations unstable with its breathtakingly innovative features. The new iOS 14 us more customer-centric, relevant focused, and sophisticated.



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