Amazon TV vs Apple TV

Long gone are the days when we only had one or two streaming media players. Today, there are multiple variations and options to compete for including HDR and 4K abilities. They allow connectivity with the majority of the devices in your house. The issue is with various set-top boxes and streaming boxes it can be tricky to select which one is right for you. Therefore, we have consolidated Amazon TV and Apple TV devices into one place to help you decide which best suits you and your money.

If you are looking around to ditch your cable company because of high bills you may want to reconsider your decision as there are some genuine options like Spectrum cable TV that you can rely on since they never fail to deliver what they promise at the most affordable pricing. But it you cannot find one in your vicinity, then it is about time that you switch to other appealing options. If you are considering Amazon TV or Apple TV, then here is all the informatio0n you can ask for!

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa

Available in the shape of a USB that is directly plugged in the computer, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is mainly based on the experience of Amazon Prime, with Amazon Music, Prime Video, and a connection to images saved in the Amazon Cloud. This is not just about streaming content for Amazon with a large Amazon app store including Apple TV+, Netflix, and several other streaming applications. Several games and other options are open to anyone who wants content like ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, Plex, All 4, and My 5. Additionally, Alexa Voice Remote is given so that you can easily search Netflix or Amazon material as easily as using your voice only. It does the same as an Amazon Echo speaker is capable of, including the potential of finding out the forecast or the recent news stories by merely asking and is able to control the smart house as well.

This specific Fire Stick does not support Ultra HD but offers fast and smooth experience and fantastic Full HD images and offers 3D sound effects, all due to the 7.1 Dolby Digital system and 1080p productivity. Moreover, you can also take it on vacation with you because Amazon has provided a smart route to the credentials info to link to the other Wi-Fi.

Amazon Fire Stick 4K with Alexa

Just as with the above Amazon HD Fire TV Stick, a dongle that plugs into the back of the TV is the latest version of Amazon’s streaming devices. It does also looks the same. It only varies in that it offers HDR/Dolby Vision and 4K video, which can perform up to 60 frames per second of Ultra HD videos. Dolby Atmos is also supported by this box. Just like the normal Fire TV Stick, it is also integrated with Alexa Voice Remote. When you set it off, the Amazon Fire TV Stick offers Amazon-based content. Stuff involves songs, videos, TV programs, some for purchasing, and others for rent, and the device is connected fundamentally to the subscription program of the

business, Amazon Prime. Other rivals like Apple TV+, Netflix, YouTube, and Sky News are also available and contents are well incorporated into Amazon ‘s latest interface.

Apple TV HD

Apple TV box was introduced back in 2015, renamed as Apple TVHD. It comes with an iconic Siri-recognized touch-screen remote control and App Store is accessible for purchasing and downloading of tvOS applications depending upon its software. However, the Apple TV+ Streaming service now gives a new impetus to this box and its brother (Apple TV+). This tool offers access to TV programs, videos/movies, and music that is rented or purchased from iTunes. Other services like Apple Music, Netflix, Now TV, and Amazon Prime Video are also accessible. You can scan for items via a single search bar with multiple sites, generating results independent of the source. Apps and games can be downloaded and enjoyed impressively – mostly free. You can access content from a BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub through a specialized TV app for iOS. Moreover, Apple TV can be streamed via iPhone or iPad using Airplay. It can also mirror the screen of your iOS device. Another important aspect of Apple TV is that it is capable of doubling into a spectacular gaming console.

Apple TV 4K

With Apple TV already available in HD quality, for only a little more Apple TV 4K can be bought that supports HDR (high dynamic range) visuals in both Dolby Vision and HDR10. Moreover, it supports the surrounding sound of Dolby Atmos. This implies that Ultra HD content in HDR is offered by streaming services such as Apple TV+, Amazon Video, and Netflix. And, 4K HDR movies are available in iTunes for buying or renting. However, Apple has taken a bright decision of costing the 4K versions the same as HD ones and any movie you bought in HD will be converted to the 4K, free of cost. With most of the features similar to the HD version, this new 4K edition has a much quicker processor which ensures that this box works twice as fast and has the graphic power up to four times the older one.

Final Thought

With almost everything covered up about the best two streaming devices above, it all boils down to how much you want to spend and if these devices fulfill your audio and video demands. You are always free to try these devices and you may return them if you are not satisfied, within the first two weeks of the purchase.


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