Agile Marketing | Overview And 6 Reasons to Adopt It In 2020


Marketing has changed drastically over the years, forcing entrepreneurs to keep adapting to the ever-changing methodologies. Agile marketing has become so popular as it has proved its efficacy in providing great results. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about agile marketing and some of its top benefits. Keep reading.

What is Agile Marketing?

Agile marketing refers to the process where the marketing workflow is divided into smaller parts to help finish the workload within the shortest time possible.

The primary goal of doing agile marketing is usually to respond to the changing market conditions, the latest data, and customer engagement with better-targeted marketing effectively. Doing this helps to boost the customer experience in your company significantly.

Experts also insist that agile marketing is all about excellent communication between your business and the target audience and tailoring your marketing efforts to fulfill their specific needs.

Where Did This Concept Originate From?

The agile marketing concept is an adaptation and evolution of agile software development. This agile software development technique started about 60 years ago when it was referred to as iterative and incremental development.

Agile hugely differs from traditional waterfall software development methods. The waterfall is a unique design process that developers have to finish one stage before moving to the next. Unlike agile, if something goes wrong in a waterfall, the developers must repeat the entire process.

Traditional vs. Agile Marketing

Traditional marketing has been constant for many years now as it never adapts fast enough to the rapidly changing marketing trends and the ever-changing customer demands. Agile marketing, on the other hand, helps to increase speed, campaign transparency, and adaptability in the new marketing changes. This quick response to every vital change in the marketing world is what makes agile marketing the best.

Features of Agile Marketing

Here are some of the most crucial aspects of this concept to be aware of:

  • Stand-up meetings – There are usually 15-minute check-ins by the whole team to discuss projects from the previous day, including that day’s plans. If the team has any issues, they are solved quickly to ensure the project is completed on due time.
  • Sprints – This is when you are allocated to your team to complete a certain project and is usually about 2-6 weeks. However, if the project is huge, then it is always divided into smaller parts that can be easily manageable.
  • Project progress tracker – Refers to the project management tools being used, such as Trello and ActiveCollab, to monitor the record of all projects.
  • Teamwork – A professional team helps to complete all the projects on time and delivers high-quality work. In closed teams, people work together and therefore celebrate all the wins together while still creating excellent room for individuals to grow their unique skills.
Benefits of Agile Marketing

Agile marketing has proven to be one of the greatest strategies you can use to grow your business faster and effectively. This concept offers many benefits to companies if applied correctly. Below are some of the most crucial reasons why you should consider adopting agile marketing this year:

  1. It Makes It Easier to Remain Relevant in The Market

Ask any marketer today, including the highly established and popular ones, and they will tell you that keeping up with the evolving market dynamics and many competitors is always a huge challenge.

Using the agile marketing approach can help you to adapt to market changes easily and move forward even faster. With this concept, your planning horizon shortens to several weeks compared to the months or years that it would have taken you without it.

So, instead of working with complex plans that are always harder to change, you develop a flexible road map of tests and projects. Agile marketing allows your team to break down all the projects into smaller chunks, which can be easily prioritized. Therefore, your team will always have daily workload and meetings to help ensure they are working according to the current market conditions.

The best thing about agile marketing is that it allows you to refocus, readjust, and also recalculate your marketing strategy’s direction at a manageable pace. This is better compared to the traditional annual review of the methods that worked or failed.

Most successful companies using this concept usually change their strategies weekly, depending on their analytics, which helps them to enhance their channel and content performance effectively.

Additionally, agile marketing reduces the risk of taking huge steps without knowing the possible results. So, it reduces the need to invest blindly at once in a single campaign or idea. Instead, agile marketing allows you to place your eggs in different baskets and evaluate how everything is working out. That way, you can easily tell what is not bringing results and cutting it off, leaving more time to focus on what is succeeding.

  1. Helps Determine the Projects to Prioritize More

Since agile marketing needs the team to meet more often, it is easier to reprioritize different projects depending on the updated performance data. It also becomes easier to prioritize urgent tasks since your team changes their schedule often. It helps to ensure high-quality work since the urgent projects won’t be done in a rush.

Agile marketing makes it easier to identify the projects that might need more attention due to their overly complex nature. The team can quickly divide that project to different professionals who are then given a certain timeframe to have completed their parts. If a project has an issue, it is solved faster before it causes even more serious problems hence deteriorating progress.

You can also use agile marketing to solve communication challenges between different departments in your company. This concept ensures everyone shares common priorities ensuring all professionals are taking part in helping to complete a certain project within a specific period compared to everyone delivering their part when they feel ready.

  1. Boosts Productivity

Boosting productivity is one of the best benefits that has made agile marketing so popular around the world. Agile marketing helps companies complete more projects, hit all their targets, and see an increase in overall success. So, agile marketing ensures marketing tasks are divided based on the amount of effort they need to complete.

Agile marketing involving some white label link building packages can also be used to help reduce the bounce rate, boost site traffic, and increase monthly or even annual sales.

If you are looking for a technique that will save both you and your team a lot of time, then agile marketing is the answer. This concept combines different methodologies to save some time for marketers. This provides some extra time to perform other urgent tasks hence increasing productivity significantly.

  1. Minimizes Marketing Costs

Agile marketing has been a very efficient, cost-effective option for many businesses looking for ways to get huge long-term benefits from their investments. Therefore, using it can allow you to effectively reach a bigger target audience and make more sales without spending much on different strategies.

This marketing technique can also help you to invest in other similar ventures to yours without spending a lot because your team is working together to ensure you get maximum benefits with little investment.

  1. Offers Great Flexibility

Most highly experienced marketers know that agile marketing has always been a great solution for excellent adaptability and flexibility. A good example is when you create some killer articles, but they are not getting much traffic as expected. Being agile in your marketing can help you do some analysis and determine where you might have gone wrong in the marketing or writing process that might affect traffic.

Agile campaigns and data analytics always provide excellent information fast, enabling marketing teams to check what the content is missing and correct it according to the received feedback to help get better results.

Being agile in marketing also allows you to reach the latest trends and breaking news faster than your competitors. With this information, you can take advantage of the current trends to allow you to make your business more relevant. Therefore, using agile marketing is a very good idea as its campaigns are dynamic, making it more sustainable compared to other techniques.

Agile marketing also encourages teams to meet more often and split projects between individuals. Doing this offers excellent flexibility because team members can easily focus on one task to ensure great results while still trying to perfect other skills too.

  1. Ensures A Happy Staff

Your business needs happy and satisfied employees if you want to see more success. Using agile marketing is among the most common ways that can help to ensure great employee satisfaction.

Agile marketing ensures work is managed properly and that every team member is given a certain percentage of work they can handle. It makes them happy because they do not feel pressured and can, therefore, work in peace.

This concept also focuses on collaboration. This teamwork helps employees work together in both the easy and more complicated projects, building trust and great work relationships. If the employees are happy and friendly to each other, they will always be happy at work, which can create a great working environment and better results.

Agile marketing helps to create more chances of succeeding in projects, including the complicated ones. Allowing employees to succeed in a certain project and deliver excellent results makes them better at that because they gain more confidence.

A company using this technique also makes sure always to congratulate the teams for completing the assigned tasks on time and delivering exceptional quality. That makes them feel better and motivates them to work even harder in the following projects, hence providing better results.

Agile marketing also allows people to self-manage some projects they are working on. It builds trust and makes the employees happy because they see you believe in their ability to work with minimal supervision. Mostly, these employees will never disappoint as they will work even harder to deliver exceptional work.

How Can You Implement Agile Marketing?

Different methods and opinions are revolving around agile marketing. Scrum framework is one of the tactics you can use. This one involves daily meetings and weekly sprints. You can use this one if you want to focus on recurring incremental delivery.

Another popular option you can use is Kanban, a more suitable framework for those who are more concerned with creating a focused and visible workflow that delivers excellent value to customers.

You can also use lean-agile marketing if you would love to focus more on boosting performance by avoiding energy, resources, and time wastage.

Do not overthink trying to figure out which one is the best of them all. Research several methods and test each of them to see which one might suit your business best.

Once most marketers are comfortable with agile marketing, they create a unique hybrid framework, which is something. Combining different approaches can also be a great idea because it creates a perfect blend that will match your company’s needs.


How you present your business to your target audience matters greatly because it determines how much success you will get. Agile marketing ensures teams work together to stay updated on the latest trends. It is vital as it allows you to provide exactly what consumers need in real-time.

This article discusses how you need to know about agile marketing, including how to do it and all the major reasons you should try it. Therefore, you must research more on this concept to enable you to see the bigger picture and determine how you can use it for your business.

Doing some research will also help to determine which tactic to use to ensure more effective results. Make sure not to go hybrid before you have tried several methods and seen how they work individually.

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