9 Ways Your Gaming PC Can Keep You Occupied During Lockdown


It’s official: lockdown is boring. Plenty of us are feeling the lockdown strain, wishing we had something to do during a time when many of us are constrained to our rooms and others still can’t go and do the things they love. Luckily, there is one saving grace in this time: we can still go and switch on our gaming PCs. You might think gaming PCs are only good for their namesake, but there’s actually plenty of other stuff you can do with a gaming PC besides gaming (although that’s also a great option). Here are 9 ways your gaming PC can keep you occupied during the lockdown.

1. Gaming

Yes, okay, let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Gaming is one of the ways your gaming PC can keep you occupied during lockdown, of course. The coronavirus has provided a pretty big boost to gaming, and while the industry itself is still beset by delays and slowdown, gaming continues to be one of the only disciplines that’s largely been unaffected by the coronavirus crisis. If you want to do something exciting during lockdown, you could do a lot worse than gaming.

2. Becoming a YouTuber

Being a YouTuber is never easier than when you have a powerhouse PC in your corner. Editing videos can take a lot of horsepower on your machine, but most gaming PCs can comfortably handle this task, so now’s the time to get started. All you need is a good idea, some video equipment (or capture software if you’re going to be a gaming YouTuber), and a microphone. With those things, you’re set to take the YouTube gaming world by storm.

3. Becoming a streamer

Thanks to platforms like Twitch and Dlive, support for the gaming community is at an all-time high. Becoming a Twitch streamer will require a much more powerful PC than a regular gaming machine, but if you’ve got a real monster of a computer then this could be for you. As a Twitch streamer, there’s lots to keep in mind; it’s not as simple as just powering on your stream and sending out gameplay footage to millions. If you can stick with it, though, streaming can be great fun.

4. Making games

There are so many options out there right now for making video games that there’s arguably never been a better time to be an indie developer. Thanks to distribution platforms like Steam and GOG.com, indie developers can get their work seen by a huge number of people. Tools like Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as old hands like GameMaker: Studio, make game creation something that’s accessible to even people who have no experience in the area.

5. Online casino gambling

That super-powerful beefy PC is great for online casino gambling. There are plenty of sites out there with a huge range of games to try out, many of which are old-school casino favourites. For example, expertgambler.net rates LeoVegas high, so you could always go check that one out if you’re looking for a place to start. There are far worse ways to spend your time than by rolling some virtual dice or checking out opponents in video poker to see if you can spot digital tells.

6. Creating music

Just like video editing programs, running DAWS – digital audio workstations – can take a lot of processing power. If you’ve got a good PC, though, and an ear for music, you could

try your hand at producing some tracks of your own. Some of the best DAWs around right now can be had completely free of charge, and there’s never been less of a barrier to making your own beats and creating your own music. If you’re making a game from scratch, you could even design your own soundtrack for the game.

7. Photoshop and other image editing

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at some beautiful Photoshop art? With a gaming PC, you’ve almost undeniably got the power under the hood that you need to run this demanding application. If Photoshop doesn’t appeal to you, then you could always check out GIMP, the free alternative that is a little trickier to use but no less powerful for it. There’s lots to use Photoshop for, from creating memes to making screenshots or photos pop off the screen just a little bit more.

8. Computer-aided design (CAD)

This one’s a little more niche, but if you have a strong gaming PC, then you could potentially use it for computer-aided design, or CAD. Put simply, CAD is when engineers and other designers use computers to aid them in the design process. Again, you’ll need a more powerful PC to run many CAD programs, but this is a great way for engineers and other practical-minded people to realise their dreams and blueprints without the need for extensive physical equipment.

9. Software and web design

Don’t really feel like making your own video game? How about trying your hand at software design or web design? Both of these disciplines do require some coding knowledge, but it’s not that tricky to learn how to code these days. With a little basic coding knowledge under your belt, you can set out as a web designer or craft your own piece of software. It helps if you have a niche in mind; is there a community that isn’t currently being served by a useful piece of software that you could potentially write for them?

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________These are just some of the ways you can use your gaming PC to help you have fun and alleviate the boredom of lockdown somewhat. As lockdowns around the world begin to ease, remember that your PC is always there for you; should there be a second wave or should lockdown be reimposed, you’ll always be able to go back to your faithful companion and get some gaming done or write a new world-changing piece of software.


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