9 Super Simple Steps to Quickly and Legally Grow Massive Twitter Followers on Autopilot

I have found Twitter to be one of the amazingly great online tools you must never neglect in your digital marketing journey.

Twitter is one of the largest social networking platforms that enable users to read and post short messages (tweets) that are limited to 280 characters per tweet.

A report by Statista shows that as of the first quarter of 2019, Twitter has reached 330 million monthly active users. So you and I know it’s not a platform to ignore in your marketing efforts.

But to have many followers following you as a starter is a lot of work.

Okay, in this article, we will be looking at how to automate the process of follow and unfollow potential customers to grow your followers. You will enjoy how simple but yet powerful this tool is. It makes things so easy for you.

Before I proceed, I will like to make something clear, I have heard some people saying having the same ratio of following to followers does not give you credibility. That is not true. There are handles that have the same ratio of following to followers and they are experts in their fields, respected and verified by Twitter. The ratio of following to follower really depends largely on the perspective, objective or the budget of the brand or the person involved. If you think you have what it takes to grow followers without following an account, you can go ahead and if you think you can afford following as many accounts as the number of your followers you are still not wrong.

Pros and Cons

However, I must also highlight some of the pros and cons of the two sides.

Ratio 1:1

This is matching follow with follow. This means, if you have 20,000 followers, you will also be following 20,000 accounts. The good side is that, you will have a high number of potential reach when you tweet and if you engage them one on one, you can have a good number of retweets from those accounts because you are already following them.

The bad side is that when you login into Twitter with that handle, you will be having too many tweets to interact with compare to when you are following just 5 to 10 accounts. But because what I want to achieve is being able to reach so many people when I tweet, I don’t bother myself. Our Twitter handle has over 52,000 followers and also following as much as that number, you can imagine how much time I will spend if decide to check the tweets coming from just 5% of them. If I want to check tweets from some very important handles, I just use the list to group them and all I need to do is to go to that list and I will see their tweets.

Ratio 1:100

This is when you follow none or very few numbers of your followers. For example, you can see a handle that has 100k followers and following just 2 accounts. This is not easy to get by. This kind of result is common to an individual or brand that is known by millions of people globally like a celebrity, presenter, sports and movie stars and so on. You can also have this kind of result when you run ads on Twitter and this is not very pocket-friendly. Another way to also get this type of result is when you a bot that likes and retweet some specified keywords or hashtag. But I noticed this type of account usually doesn’t have or care for engagement and it also takes time to have a ratio of 1:100. You can see such accounts have 200k tweets and 350k likes which was opened four years ago and probably has 2k followers and following just 1 account.

In conclusion to this, while what the two types of account are trying to get may differ. Having more reach, impression, retweet, likes and link clicks is a common goal that you can get if you have plenty of quality followers. Later in this report, we will touch on how to trim your followers to have more quality followers.

Follow and Unfollow Automation

With that said, let’s go into automating follow and unfollow.

There is a very useful Chrome extension I found to be very handy for this process. It is called,  Mass Follow for Twitter. I cannot remember how I came across it but I have used it to create and grow not less than 20 different accounts. I have trained close to ten different people who have used it to also create and grow over 100 Twitter accounts with a minimum of 10k followers each.

One of them has to send thank you message to me before I decided I am going to write about it and let everyone enjoy it. When I have their permission to post their results, I will update this post. But at least you can check our handle @techristic for proof.


Now let’s go.

  1. Make a list of Twitter handles you would like their followers to follow you. This should be accounts in your niche. You can list up to five for a start.
  2. Login into your twitter account on Chrome.
  3. Open Chrome extension and type “Mass follow for Twitter” in the search box.
  4. Install the Mass follow for Twitter as seen in the screen below:
  5. After installation, go back to Twitter and open one of the five accounts you selected in step 1.
  6. Click on the followers of that account. You should see a popup, showing Follow and Unfollow as shown below:

  1. Click on Settings and adjust the settings as seen below and save it:

And off course you are free to set according to your desired result but I will encourage you not to follow more than 500 at a go.

Image 1: Follow Settings

Image 2: Unfollow settings

  1. Click on follow and watch the extension perform the wonder of following all the accounts one by one. When you get to 500 follows, stop it and you are done for the day.
  2. Come back after 24hrs or more and click on your following. The popup will show again. From this page there are those you followed that are not following you back, just click “Unfollow” and the extension will unfollow all the accounts that are not following you.


Filter Your Followers and Following.

After you have followed 500 accounts, you will notice from the notification page that some have started following back. Also, the handles that decide to follow the followers of the accounts you follow will also begin to follow you. Some of those accounts you have followed before and some you have not followed at all, just check if they fit into your audience that you will like to see their tweets and follow them back, if not just ignore you don’t want to follow them for follow back sake.


From your twitter feeds, you will begin to see tweets from those accounts you followed. Don’t be surprised to see some unwanted tweets and tweets from accounts you don’t understand the language. You can decide to now manually unfollow them, leaving those you consider relevant to your objective.

I hope you enjoy this.

We are open to your comments, we will be glad to hear your view or see you share your own method of growing followers on Twitter.

Use the comment space below.

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