8 Reasons Why The Proxy Approach Is Ideal For Website Translation

There will be a moment when your website will have multiple visitors globally. To gain more traffic,and ensure the quality of experience for your visitors, website translation would be a smart move. It also helps in the overall growth of the website. 

There will be a moment when your website will have multiple visitors globally. To gain more traffic,and ensure the quality of experience for your visitors, website translation would be a smart move. It also helps in the overall growth of the website.

Of course, multinational companies like Starbucks and MasterCard are already using multilingual websites as they have millions of customers all over the world. But website translation is not just for big, multinational companies; any company can utilize it and gain more traffic.

Translation Proxy Service(TPS) is the service that provides translation for a website and doesn’t need many resources. In very little time, it can translate the content on a site. It is a great tool as it gives high-quality translation for little investment.

Visitors do not need to re-translate the content of every page in their language. Updating language versions with the translation proxy is very simple. It can work with any Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress.

Multiple language websites have a high potential to reach a broad audience and help to build a branding globally. However, managing a multilingual website is not an easy task. It needs a great deal of focus and time to ensure that the site is performing in all languages. Let’s look at how exactly a translation proxy is ideal for your website.

8 Advantages Of A Translation Proxy For Websites

1. Translation Of Content And Change Detection

Translation proxy works on the principle of Accept-Language header. It helps to redirect visitors to their suitable language from their initial landing page on the website. Translated content already exists on a proxy server in multiple languages.

Translation proxy can easily help to translate the content language. It can be most beneficial for those groups of audiences who don’t understand English, allowing non-English audiences to experience your site.

It is your prime responsibility to provide the best experience for visitors to your site. To that end, we can translate both content and templates such as pages, buttons, etc., on the site. Content contributors can easily translate the content and developers can translate templates.

Unfortunately, the translation proxy translates written texts only. This means that it can’t translate videos, images, and also PDFs; but just the text content of the website. Professional native translators or automation can translate content. Giving the content a human touch will create more value for readers. You can simply use both methods to provide the best reading experience to visitors.

Your website might be filled with lots of content. You add fresh content and remove old out-of-date information too. Adding content on a website and removing non-useful content is ongoing. Translation proxy quickly detects the changes in the website content and can translate it automatically into multiple languages; either manually or with automation.

2. Speed And Security

A translation proxy is the easiest way to translate website content into multiple languages effortlessly.

Once the content is added to the website, the translation proxy will update it immediately. It saves time and effort as compared with manual translation.

SSL proxy is the finest proxy for online security. When you visit any website, it tracks your location. SSL proxy provides a security layer between client and internet server. While visiting any website, SSL proxy receives information to its server and then it sends information back to the client. So the website being visited will see an IP address that isn’t from your site. In this way, you can gain better cyber security and keep your location and identity hidden and secure.

3. Improves SEO Of Site

Organic SEO helps to get easy ranking on search engines. Good SEO methods will always give advantages to a business website as well as customers. Multilingual website can help to improve the SEO level. It also improves the possibilities of Google ranking in different locations. You will need to set-up languages on websites by using proper tools for getting high ranking in multiple locations.

If a website doesn’t get a high rank on worldwide search results still, there is the possibility of getting a ranking on local language search results, if your website is translated into many regional languages.

In this way, website translation can be helpful for winning more search results from search engines. Using proper SEO keywords for local searches can help to get a Google ranking as well. In a local language, competition may be very low. You can use keyword research tools to find relevant keywords for your blogs.

4. Expands Potential Audience

As we already discussed, a translation proxy improves SEO. That means it can help to reach out to a number of audiences. With information available in their local language, more people will be able to easily access and engage with your site.

By using SEO in translated content, you can easily rank your website in numerous locations. The translation proxy sends content as per the relevant languages of the visitors. Suppose the website gets 1,000 daily visitors and your content is only in the English language. By translating it into different languages, you can get 1500+ daily visitors to your site, dramatically increasing your audience.

5. Conversion Of Audience

Website translation means that there is a maximum chance of receiving a large volume of visitors. It means your website will get seen by more people and that means brand awareness of your website will increase. It will be simpler to convert website visitors into customers.

Translation builds credibility and trust in your audience. A multilingual website always attracts a better audience compared to a website that can only offer one language. This can only serve your business.

Promoting a brand globally increases new clients. And a bigger number of clients translates to a greater view and growth of your brand.

6. Gain Over Competitors

Nowadays, there’s high competition on any type of website.

Your website may have multiple competitors. But, there is a high possibility that they haven’t translated their website and you stay ahead by translating yours first. It could be a favorable point of your company for getting over your competitors.

Your company can get huge visitors from the world. Translation not only helps to win competition, but it can help you to gain brand recognition all over the world.

‘Customers attract customers.”  When the translation of your site brings your brand available to more customers, they in turn attract new clients to your brand.

7. Content Delivery Network

The content delivery system provides the translated content directly to the visitors by finding the content copies that are already there on the servers.

CDN improves the all-round surfing experience of visitors. With its help, people can get their required information quickly and efficiently.

CDN servers work together to deliver fast content to visitors. Even if one server stops working, it can take information from other servers.

8. Google Won’t Penalize Your Site

You may have wondered if Google bots will place restrictions on your website because of duplication of content. If you use herflang tags on site, Google will know that your site is multilingual. Herflang tag updates Google that the site is multilingual and also notifies Google to rank your site according to the location of your visitors.


Website translation is an ideal strategy for gaining large exposure among global audiences. It helps to improve SEO as well as improve the brand value of your website.

Translation expands the audience of the website because it attracts people from many locations. It helps to improve brand value and find new clients globally. Most importantly, it helps to build trust among people. When customers can access your site in the local language, your content and products are much more accessible and their experience of your site much more engaging.

Keep in mind whether reaching an audience around the world is beneficial to your brand’s goals. If your target market is to a specific audience only, then this service would not serve your website or your customers well.

A translation proxy is inexpensive to buy. Your small investment would be well worthwhile if your brand can benefit by your website offering multilingual content and service.

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