Suppose you dream of becoming a proficient programmer or working in industries that recruit computer science experts. In that case, it is essential to upgrade your knowledge and skills in programming languages like C++.

Suppose you dream of becoming a proficient programmer or working in industries that recruit computer science experts. In that case, it is essential to upgrade your knowledge and skills in programming languages like C++. Amidst the pandemic and lockdown time, you can be in the safe confines of your home and train with educators from some of the best US universities like Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, Dartmouth, MIT, etc. All you have to do is look for websites or apps that offer your desired course or specialization.

One such online application is Udemy that offers a vast variety of courses like entrepreneurship, digital marketing, finance, personal development, data and analytics, game development, graphic design, web development, etc. You can access more than 10,000 online courses, learn from experts, and get lifetime access to the app and website. Several affordable courses are available from $10. Udemy offers several courses free of charge or at discounted rates. Also you get additional savings with coupon codes and other deals on online courses.


Improve your programming skills or upgrade amateur learnings to advanced stages with courses available online. You can use online websites or apps to learn courses from some of the US’s best universities. A list of C++ courses can be made using Udemy, edX, Coursera, Udacity, FutureLearn, LinkedIn Learning, and other MOOC (massive open online course) providers:

1. Introduction to C++

The introductory course teaches students about syntax, complex numbers, virtual functions, language basics, how to create functions, etc. The fundamental knowledge helps students master modern programming skills that will enable them to run various operating systems like Windows, Linus, Unix, etc.

1. Intermediate C++

This course helps students to upgrade their fundamental skills and enhance learnings from the preliminary courses. The course teaches students to learn about the programming language header files, pointers, reference types, standards, etc. and enables them to run various platforms and operating systems.

1. Advanced C++

As the name suggests, students learn advanced level inheritance, polymorphic functions, object iterations, templates, memory management and allocation, file processing, etc. The course also divulges into a deeper understanding of concepts like threading and synchronization so that students can achieve the best code performances.

1. C++ tutorials

If you want to build your programming skills or are unable to pick a specific skill level, these online tutorials can be a great help. The tutorials cover all concepts ranging from beginners to advanced level, and enable students to code basic applications, scheme codes using design patterns and accomplish successful code presentations.

1. C++ certification courses

These include a series of courses that are split into different stages based on their level of difficulty. You can learn C++ fundamentals like syntax, creating functions; intermediate concepts like memory addresses, memory management, writing and reading files; advanced skills like templates, class mechanics, exceptions, file processing, etc.

1. C++ nanodegree certification course for programmers

This course is designed for students who are already familiar with fundamentals and aspire to become C++ developers. The project-based educational approach helps students learn object-oriented programming, memory, management, and pursue a career in game development, mobile systems, networking, artificial intelligence, etc.

1. C++ for programmers

Skillful C programmers who want to upgrade their skills can join this program to go through exercises ranging from basic concepts to algorithms and object-oriented software. The course is separated into different modules that help learners test skills and examine their understanding of various concepts.

1. C++ essential training

The course begins with fundamental concepts and covers advanced topics and is designed for all types of students, ranging from beginners to skilled programmers. Here students can learn about variables, operators, data structures, object and template systems, or concepts like type casting, overloads, recursion, etc. enough to master the C++ standard library and create functions on their own.

Udacity helps users work on projects and upskill themselves to gather experience in the field you are interested in. With nano degree programs, it also offers financial support and connects you to an advisor who can help you with tips to start a career. You can also get 20% – 30% off on online education, 25% off on using coupon code, and $50 off on nano degree programs.

FutureLearn has more than 130,000 courses that are taught by expert instructors. You can also get 10% – 28% off using coupon code and learn several courses free of cost or discounted rates. Whereas, LinkedIn Learning provides unlimited access to more than 16,000 courses and free subscription for a month. You can also get 10% – 60% off using coupon codes or claim discounts on annual subscription fees. edX offers more than 2500 online courses from 140 institutions. You can log into or create an account to get coupons that will help you get courses at discounted rates. In addition to several free courses, you can claim 15% off using coupon codes this month. You can alternatively purchase a bundle of courses from select MicroMasters® and certificate programs to get a 10% discount and save up to $150.

Coursera offers a limited trial offer to check out online courses with a referral offer of 50%. You can also get deals on the financial market, life-changing skills, cloud platform fundamentals, physical science, engineering, data science, business analytics, etc. courses at discounted rates or claim 50% discount on any course.

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