7 Ways to Improve Cyber Safety in your Organizations


There are a lot of online businesses that are running successfully. This ranges from small businesses to large scale businesses. Digitalization has paved the way for a lot of opportunities online. Although the digital world has offered a lot to people it also comes with its concerns.

One of the major concerns of organizations running an online business is cybersecurity. There is a lot of information and communication happening in the digital world and every digital organization is responsible to protect these sensitive data.

Be it hacking or a data breach, an organization needs to take cybersecurity seriously and take necessary measures to ensure cyber safety. Include measures related to cyber safety and protection in your plans. If you run an organization and you are looking for ways to ensure cybersecurity then here are few ways you can consider.

7 Ways to Improve Cyber Safety in Your Organization.

Consider Red Teaming

Red teaming is nothing but ethical hacking. This is done by a team of professionals who stimulate threats and hacking to assess the existing cybersecurity system. They try penetrating into data and find out the vulnerabilities of the organization.

Red teaming is a great way to be prepared and safe against any real-time adversary. If you are an organization that has sensitive data then this could be a great way for you to build a safe network system.

Educate your Employees

Every employee of your organization needs to take cybersecurity seriously. Educate them about the threats and the importance to be precautious. This could be as simple as logging out of emails, not leaving the laptop on the desk without locking, if they are dealing with business information, etc.

Train them to take adequate measures to protect the company’s data from people who are not authorized to see it. Here are a few tips every employee of an organization should keep in mind:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Lock the computer/ laptop when you use the restroom or cafeteria
  • Pick up the documents right away after printing or faxing

These tips will be very helpful in keeping your workspace secure.

Enforce Secure Password Policy

A lot of organizations ensure that their employees do not recycle passwords. This means one must use a unique password for different accounts. They should also be updated from time to time to avoid any mishappening.

Simple passwords are easy for hackers to crack and the ideal password should be more than 8 characters and should also include a number and a character.

Be Aware of Social Engineering

Social Engineers can gather chunks of information from different sources and assemble it to get more information about your organization. This could be done even from the employee’s social media profile. Make sure you double verify before providing any important information. You can do this by sending a code to the work email and ask them to say that in calls etc.

Have a System Security Plan

A system security plan, commonly known as SSP is an accumulation of security practices you have in your company. This includes hardware-software security measures, training methods, and response plans. Make you have a safety plan set up that will monitor all the procedures.

The document must include the details about the authorized users and how to limit access to authorized users and how to respond during a security breach. Having an in house IT team who is knowledgeable in this subject can help you cut costs efficiently. If otherwise, it is better to hire a consultant.

Do Not Ignore Software Updates

Many businesses make the mistake of not updating their software promptly. Outdated software can expose your company details and data to threats.

A study showed that hackers study the latest software updates so that they target companies that are behind in adopting them. If you run an organization, ensure that all the software is updated without fail.

Use a Firewall

Always use a firewall to protect your systems. Ensure you always encrypt your data files no matter where they are stored. Be it the system or the cloud, make sure all the messages and data are encrypted.

Virtual Private Network, also known as the VPN protects your company by running the data through a remote network. This protects the data even when you use it with a public Wifi without threatening the security.

With the fast-paced digital world, it is important to be aware of potential threats. Understanding and taking the necessary safety precautions will help you protect your company and people associated with it.

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