7 Major Issues In Web Development And How To Solve It

The process of creating a website, E-commerce portal, business site, blog, etc, consists of a series of complex and responsible activities. The successful and consistent implementation of web development projects requires sufficient qualifications and certain experience, careful planning, testing, etc. Web designers and developers constantly reel under huge pressure to create amazing websites one after another. So, they face numerous problems while designing websites. In this article, we shall talk about the most common and typical problems in web development and discuss ways to solve them. Let’s get started.

  1. Lack of Content for Website Development

To create new websites, revamp old ones, or make important changes to it, fresh content is needed. Most designers rely on the SEO team for meeting content needs. Practically, there is a huge shortage of quality content.

The demand is high, but the actual supply is extremely low. Most people do the copy paste job to arrange content for website creation. Such content is of low-quality, which is not preferred by Google once the website is developed fully and is live. You don’t get any benefit out of such websites.

So, don’t do the copy-paste job for content creation. Create a definite plan for website creation and ask content writers to provide error-free content for website creation. You should also proofread the content before using as it would help you to eliminate possible errors in the site.

  1. Website Creation Budget Increases 

When you contact a website creator or IT company that deals in this trade, it suggests you several packages for website creation. You can choose a particular package as per your budget and needs. Budget increase when you ask the developer to add additional services, such as premium plugins, features, etc. Some SEO companies charge for troubleshooting work. Be careful about. Just make a clear inquiry about it and make sure the budget doesn’t go beyond your resources. Always choose a WordPress web development firm which is ready to provide technical support free of cost. It will assist you to save lots of money.

  1. Problems of Responsive Design 

Although the adaptive design has been talked about for many years, there are many issues that have not been resolved so far. Designers work in an environment where the number of devices, frameworks, and scripts is growing constantly. The responsive design element is used to allow customers to visit websites via mobile devices. Many developers face several problems, such as How to explain to customers the essence of responsive design, Screenshot approval stage no longer exists, Navigation, Images, Tables, Adapt old fixed-width sites, What to offer users of old versions of IE, and Time and cost of testing.

To create responsive WordPress websites easily and effortlessly, take the help of an expert website designer or an SEO company. Let clients see the live demo of website creation to assure that their website is responsive. You should check the responsiveness of newly created/old sites on different mobile devices and do the troubleshooting job.

  1. Inconvenient and Incomprehensible Navigation

When developing a site design, web developers need to remember the needs of potential site visitors and analyze problems that may arise during website use. Create a sitemap for your website as it will make it easier for visitors to easily navigate the website.

Just create a clear and logical structure of the site. When you choose the appropriate version of the site structure, there should not be a lot of information on each page as a large amount of information is poorly perceived by the user. Display what is necessary for the promotion of your brand. If you have to display a large selection of products on the company’s website, create a catalog.

  1. Incorrect Color pattern

It is extremely important to keep uniform color structure across the website. When choosing a color always keep in mind that colors can also convey information and choosing the right color scheme can significantly improve the site and make it more attractive to the visitor.

On the other hand, with the wrong selection of colors, the perception of the page may significantly deteriorate as the combination of inharmonious colors makes the site unusable. Furthermore, some people may not distinguish colors as 8% of men and 1% of women are color blind. Generally, they do not distinguish between red and green colors. When you choose colors to create a site design, it is necessary to select colors that are sufficiently contrast.

  1. Page Loading Speed

You must always keep in mind that the usability of the site depends not only on the color pattern, structure, and navigation but also on its loading speed. Ideally, search engines and people prefer faster websites. They hate slow loading websites. There are a number of things that make your website slow. It is recommended that you should create with a minimalistic approach. Avoid the use of unnecessary design patterns, installation of themes/plugins/extensions, unnecessary heavy coding, etc. etc. It will make your website light and fast and help it load faster on all devices.

  1. Compatibility With Various Platforms and Browsers

You must keep in mind that people use different browsers and operating systems. Still, there are many websites that are optimized for specific platforms and browsers. This increase the risk of losing visitors who use another platforms and browsers to access your website. So, you should design websites or pages to be viewed on different browsers and platforms. This will help you to get more visitors both from the small and big screens.

Final Words 

Website design and development is not a child’s play as assumed by many. It requires careful planning and execution. Novice, as well as, experienced web developers make silly mistakes in website design and development. Always prepare for these hurdles in website design and development, deal with them, and keep creating amazing websites one after another. Good Luck!


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