7 Best Apps for Writing Essay in 2020


We have some of the best writing apps here for you. Writing can be hard, particularly when done in a hurry. These apps work to take some of the pressure off. These apps run the gamut from simple editors to more complex platforms. You will find one that suits you.

Reedsy Book Editor

This is a very good writing app to start out with. This app is totally unlike others. Another app would require you to finish your work and then use it. Reedsy works as you write. It keeps you on the straight and narrow as you type.

Reedsy will help you improve your work as you go along. It highlights problems as they come up. It can be less daunting to face a few odd sentences at a time. Having everything to deal with in one go can be overwhelming.

Reedsy is a good app for anyone who wants to see problems as they go along.

It has other features to go along with the editing. It allows you to export your work to Pdf files. You can also have various people working on edits at the same time. Reedsy can make your work much easier.


Scrivener is the app that writing sites like WMEFM use. It is a very comprehensive app.

It allows you to compose your writing in whatever way you wish. There is nothing to stop you from writing the beginning at the very end of your work. Scrivener will keep track of it for you.

You will never find yourself missing anything when you use Scrivener. It is set up to help you in whatever way it can. The way the app works is by providing an outline. This outline is constantly updated as you write. You can always find what you need.

More than just organising your writing, Scrivener will organise your research too. Whatever you need to refer to, it will be there.

Scrivener helps once you have finished your work! It will combine all of your work into one document, and send it to whoever you want.


This app is available for Mac, iPad and iPhone. This is a good written app for people on the go. Students who want to use this app will find it useful for jotting down notes. What if you are on the train, and think of the perfect sentence? This app lets you write it down, and check it at the same time!

People like Ulysses because it is not intrusive. It stays in the background until it is needed. This applies to its basic features, and to its more sophisticated ones. You can create any type of document in Ulysses. But until you need that feature, it isn’t prominently focused.

Ulysses allows you to customise the overall look of the app. You can find something that looks nice and is also functional. You can also sync the app over various devices. You will never be without it.


This is one of the best apps for writing out there. It makes your writing stand out nicely while correcting it.

Where Hemingway really stands out is its use of colour. It doesn’t just let you know when something is wrong. It highlights it, and it uses different colours depending on what the problem is. Unlike other writing apps, Hemingway doesn’t automatically make the changes for you.

You can learn these colours very easily. Once you know them, then you can easily make changes. There are two advantages to the way the app handles mistakes:

  • You can very easily and clearly see what mistakes is where
  • You can choose to ignore the highlights if you want. There are some cases where you ‘make mistakes’ to deliberate effect.

Hemingway breaks everything down for you. It will give you a readability score, a word count, and more.


ProWritingAid is another app used by PerfectEssay.com and similar sites. This app is designed to work with a number of other platforms, including other writing apps. It advertises compatibility with Scrivener in particular.

This app does cost money, unlike others. You can try a free one week trial, and see if it is for you. The process for getting the app is a simple one: download it, open the file, and follow the instructions.

You will be using your app in no time.

Hemingway has a number of useful features as standard.

  • It doesn’t just highlight problematic sentences. It actively gives users different options to use instead.
  • It doesn’t give one single report on the writing, it gives up to twenty. The app separates different writing issues out. This makes it a lot easier to tackle any mistakes or inaccuracies.

Final Draft

Final Draft is among the top writing apps. It is somewhat unusual in that it is specifically for screenwriters. The app is apparently used by up to ninety five percent of screenwriters. This includes writers for Netflix and the BBC.

This app is used by both professionals and students alike. Everyone can get something out of it. The app can help you take your writing to the next level.

The people who created Final Draft have made it compatible with iPhones as well as computers. You can take your work anywhere, and still have the app to help you along with it.

The app helps you with any grammar and spelling issues you might be having. It also automatically formats your work to industry standards. This is a tremendous help to a student who is still learning. They can see how their work changes to fit into the predetermined guidelines.


Grammarly is one of the most popular writing apps out there. It is completely free for everyone. The app works by using an AI to highlight all the mistakes in a text. Other apps are downloaded onto a computer or other device. Grammarly is different in that it comes attached to an internet browser. It can check your normal work like other apps! But its strength is in being able to check emails and online interactions as well.

This app focuses on tone as well as on spelling and grammar. It is very useful for students who are just getting to grips with new writing styles.


These are the apps that you might find most immediately useful. There are more out there if you search. These apps will make your writing much more enjoyable. You will no longer need to worry if you’ve caught every mistake. The app will do it for you. Try them out!

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