5 Tips to Launch a CBD E-Commerce Website


Shopping online was once a convenience and a luxury, but now – it’s a necessity. The ecommerce business industry is exploding at a fast rate that it can’t keep enough products stocked.

Starting a CBD ecommerce business includes all the hard work and effort of launching any other ecommerce business, including the uncertainty of the shifting regulatory landscape and the issues that come with it.

A CBD ecommerce business is a great opportunity and helps way to bring people looking to treat pain and other conditions with this natural compound. Like any other business, there are procedures and steps that you have to go through. Here are helpful tips:

1. Understand the Legal Obligations

Unlike a clothes or ice cream business, CBD oil fledges you into a fragile world. CBD comes from cannabis, and when it comes to cannabis laws are evoked. Just because the 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp on a federal level, and by extension hemp extracts like CBD oil, doesn’t mean there lack significant regulatory considerations in the industrial hemp industry.

Though the Bill removed CBD from the federal Controlled Substances Act list as well as the oversight by the Drug Enforcement Agency, the hemp industry, and CBD oil was placed under the governance of the FDA. The CBD industry is there in sort of a gray area because the FDA is still devising CBD regulations.

The federal agency also insisted that marketing CBD as having health benefits won’t be tolerated or infused in food and beverages in some cases. Since the approval of the CBD-based pharmaceutical drug Epidolex, using CBD in food products without the FDA’s approval is considered illegal.

Hence, before you launch a CBD ecommerce business, make sure you get clear guidance to operate the business in compliance with federal regulations. You have to play safe by understanding your legal obligations because CBD is a highly scrutinized industry. Avoid marketing your business strategy around the supposed benefits of CBD.

2. Build A Compelling Website

Starting a CBD ecommerce business will coincide with building a compelling website that will also rely on having strategic planning and implementation of the website. The first thing you need to do is pick a name for your ecommerce business.

Avoid using the word CBD in the business name because CBD isn’t fully regulated, and this could cause you marketing problems and issues with your merchant provider and bank. Choose words that will speak more to the audience you are trying to target and the brand you are trying to build.

Then design a good logo that will represent your CBD business and select an ecommerce platform such as BigCommerce and WooCommerce to launch your website. Choose a platform that will bring value and excellent technical skills to your business. Consider the tools on the platform for creating customized and optimized pages.

3. Find a Trustworthy CBD Supplier

There are many CBD distributors to choose from, but in order to keep your customers, you have to select a supplier that will bring you the best CBD products. You have to make sure you are getting CBD products that are not only effective but safe, too, because this will speak volumes to your ecommerce business identity.

For a successful ecommerce business, you have to avoid any negative brand reputation. Make sure the products have been tested for safety and consistency and demand lab results for mycotoxins, microbiological, solvent residue, and pesticides to verify this. Make sure licensed and trained healthcare professionals also back the products during each processing step. Visit here to know some of the reputable CBD oil brands in the market.

4. Market Your CBD Products Wisely

Selling CBD products on Amazon, Facebook, or eBay can come with issues, but you can overcome these challenges by knowing how to market your CBD products properly. Decide how you want to stand out amongst competitors and carefully articulate how you will engage your audience and create compelling content to make a huge difference.

Seriously pay attention to a specific need because many customers are in need of CBD products. Hence, if you want to market on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads, make sure you do research and know precisely what you are putting yourself into.

5. Hire a Team that will Align with Your Business Goals

To ensure a successful CBD ecommerce business, find a passionate and dedicated team that will work to help you take your business where you envision it to be in this booming industry.

Find a team of experts who are well-equipped with the skills mentioned above and have business experience in the CBD world. Visit the Hempire to learn more about CBD oil.


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