5 Takeaways from VRTO that will Help to Guide VR Forward


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5 Takeaways from VRTO that will Help to Guide VR Forward

The VRTO Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo just wrapped up Monday night in Toronto. The two day conference was packed with simultaneous, back-to-back presentations and workshops from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, AMD, The VOID, IMAX, Two Bit Circus, Secret Location, Globacore, Quantum Capture, The Canadian Film Centre, and many more. By the end of the conference, 5 themes on what will guild the VR industry forward, became glaringly clear.

The VR Industry’s Unique Culture Will Fuel Innovation

The concept of virtual reality itself magnetizes a certain person. This is the budding technology that innovators, dreamers, and creators see as the mechanism for changing lives. Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport and SVP Virtual Reality at HTC, is constantly sharing his belief that VR “will change the world.” This is our rallying cry around a technology that is in essence a magic hat that a mixing pot of people are building for. And this blend of people is creating a special industry culture.

We need to nurture this culture which is even more apparent when industry leaders converge into conferences like VRTO. Pulkka, Executive Producer for Attractions at Two Bit Circus, and conference speaker, told me about the Two Bit Circus culture. They have a “maker spirit in the team”, a culture of “engineers of fun: who “test new experiences regularly by trying them out with audiences, and then refining them.” And the Two Bit Circus culture is one they want to extend to the consumer as they look to open up multiple locations. Pulkka’s message that he wanted to get across at the conference is that they are “looking for like minded people to meet and talk about the space.”

With technology evolving so rapidly, in my own talk at VRTO on how to monetize VR, I warned attendees to steer clear of innovating for VR. We are in an industry that needs to maintain a focus on solving for the jobs to be done, not the technology, and we also have to preserve our culture of people rallying behind changing the world. Focusing solely on sales gratification will tarnish the culture and hinder its innovation. James Jensen, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at THE VOID, also spoke at VRTO. The VOID builds experience that make you feel as if you’re stepping into a dream. And, with a vision like that, they need to build their own Rapture technology solutions to support it, since no consumer product can do the job to the level that they envision. As leaders in the LBE space, this propels consumer expectations, and copycats, forward. It’s the culture that’s driving the innovation, and building their powerful brand.

It’s Different in Canada

In Canada, the public and private sector are working together to grow the industry.

Under Ana Serrano’s leadership as the Chief Digital Officer of the Canadian Film Centre (CFC), her Team is drive Canadian innovation with a blend of government, corporate and private funding, paired with four activities which reinforce each other. First, they are investing in […]

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