5 Social Media Tools to Boost Online Marketing

Have you ever realized that customers can easily forget you when they don’t hear from you or not see more of your brand?

Have you ever realized that customers can easily forget you when they don’t hear from you or not see more of your brand?

That’s why marketers have to keep exploring different ways to reach out to customers.

Social media is an incredible platform for online marketing that helps companies attain brand visibility since this is the place where most of their customers are. Marketers leverage social media primarily to increase brand exposure. Other reasons to include social media in their marketing campaigns is to improve website traffic, generate leads, and grow customer base, as published by Statista.

It is vital to post regularly on social media to increase brand awareness. The aim is to get more shares, direct the viewers to your site, and beat the competitors in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) rankings, as concluded by experts in various business questions and answers and forums.

In this article, we will share with you 5 intuitive social media tools and their unique values that can help you drive meaningful results and engagement on social media platforms.

#1 ProProfs Quiz Maker

Quizzes are an effortless yet unpredictable way to target more customers on social media. They are great to understand your customers, their buying habits and create brand awareness.

Interactive quizzes can go viral quickly. If users love them, they are more likely to share the results and quizzes with peers on social media. According to Ion Interactive, such type of content generates conversions moderately or very well 70% of the time.

When you choose a quiz maker to create personalized quizzes with your brand logos and colors, more people will know about your brand.

ProProfs Quiz Maker is a user-friendly tool that eases the process of creating quizzes. Here’s how it’s done:

  • You can create quizzes from scratch or choose from hundreds of professionally-made templates.
  • The tool comes with powerful features to create personality quizzes, scored quizzes, tests, surveys, and more.
  • You get access to a question library with tons of interesting questions to choose from.
  • You can create quizzes in various formats, including fill in the blanks, multiple-choice, true/false, yes/no questions, and more.
  • To make the quizzes more engaging and share-worthy, you can add multimedia like images, videos, and presentations.
  • Quizzes are compatible with all devices, giving users the flexibility to take the quizzes wherever and whenever they want.

# 2 Hootsuite

When you have a lot of content in hand to post online, it is likely for you to get confused about

  • What to post
  • Where to post
  • Which time to post

This is where Hootsuite steps in. It is a highly popular and relied upon social media management tool that helps you monitor and manage posts for multiple social networks, including Twitter, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, WordPress blogs, and much more. The tool is preferred because of its user interface and easy navigation.

With this tool, marketers can:

  • Schedule content in advance
  • Share a large amount of content at once
  • Get valuable insights into social media posts’ performance.

Through Hootsuite ‘streams’ on your dashboard, you can monitor content and activities across all the connected accounts, including scheduled posts, received engagement, special mentions, view comments responses, and posts from followers. The best part is that there is no need to visit different social media sites to do so.

# 3 Buffer

Buffer is another most popular choice of social media management platform that allows you to schedule multiple platforms at once. All you need to do is select one platform where you’d wish to post content, and the rest of the social media pages will be populated automatically. You can edit posts individually for a particular post if needed.

Here are some of the significant ways Buffer amplifies your online marketing efforts:

  • Help create a posting schedule for the preferred times you’d wish to post on different social media accounts.
  • Allows you to add and make a list of your favorite website so that you never fall short of great content.
  • Auto suggests and picks the images from your selected links and attach them to your post, without downloading them.
  • With Buffer Browser Extension, you can schedule any exciting article from the web, any content/image from within an article, and retweets from Twitter directly.
  • The Buffer mobile app, supported by Android and iOS, helps you schedule and share posts from wherever you are.

With Buffer, you can save a lot of time by resharing your top-performing content. Buffer allows you to recreate or modify the existing content to reach new followers and bring more traffic to your website.

# 4 CoSchedule

You have many tasks to finish related to social media, like identifying keywords, creating headlines, craft content, editing posts, adding images, and much more.

How about using a tool to help you become more productive and get all the items knocked off from your to-do lists like a pro?

CoSchedule is an editorial calendar that you can use to list ideas, manage tasks, organize projects in one place, and social media posts in advance. It is also a collaboration tool that allows you to connect with your team to create a unique workflow.

The tool can be your best choice to create social media campaigns that help you share existing or future posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., without any hassle. The post types could be images, links, text, or video. This activity helps you create variety in your content to drive users to your website without looking pushy.

Headlines are the most ignored aspect of a social media post. CoSchedule offers you the feature of a headline analyzer using which you can select headlines that can click with the reader.

The Evernote integration allows you to add ideas, notes, and first drafts of your social media posts and blog posts to the Coschedule calendar. The tool gives you the flexibility to convert the notes as a CoSchedule project and WordPress post.

# 5 Agora Pulse

The best way to stay on top of your online marketing game is to keep your content organized and ready to post all the time.

AgoraPulse is easy to use, a user-friendly social management tool that helps you schedule social media posts and monitor their performance wherever and whenever.

With this tool, you can:

  • Schedule content for maximum user engagement.
  • Facility to get content approved via a reliable content approval system.
  • Give users varying levels of access.
  • Offer an incredibly streamlined, organized content calendar
  • Enable social listening to monitor and analyze what customers and prospects are saying about your brand/business.
  • Keep a tab on the trends happening across the industry.

AgoraPulse can be a great time-saver for you, as it:

  • Assists you in managing tons of social media profiles of your business or different brands across different social media platforms from a single location.
  • Streamline the process of posting images and videos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter online, or from a mobile device.
  • Allow you to save and reshare standard replies to your customer queries and comments.

The tool offers a highly insightful reporting function that helps you track followers, manage engagement via a downloadable, easy to understand professional-looking report.

Pro Tips:

  • All your efforts will only reap the desired results when you have the high-quality content that clicks. Always focus on telling a relatable story with your social media posts.
  • Ensure you are well-versed with the best time to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms.

Over to You

Staying active on social media is a crucial component to make the customer connect with the brand and build brand loyalty. Leverage the tools mentioned above, and include them in your marketing campaigns to capitalize on the customer’s surging desire to be on social media platforms.

Author Bio: Samuel Alfie is a blogger at ProProfs Discuss, the #1 Q&A website with millions of wisdom seekers collaborating to ask questions and get the best answers. He loves reading and writing about a variety of topics including technology, business, e-commerce, science, philosophy, Pop culture, digital media, and more. With a knack for writing, enthusiasm for research and an editorial mindset, he loves creating content that resonates with the audience. 

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