5 Best Features on iOS 14 (So Far)


Even though iOS 14 is still months away from being released and Apple didn’t release plenty of details – there are a lot of speculations which go well that make sense for Apple’s iPhone and iPads.


Therefore, even though this article lists the top 5 things that are most likely going to be added to some of the latest Apple iPhones and iPads – it’s still based on rumors, speculations, and predictions.


Apple set a specific pattern of iOS releases in the past and we believe that we will see almost all 5 things from the article in the upcoming iOS 14.


Even though we won’t be able to tell for sure what is the newest iOS going to include – we believe that the support will still go way back to the iPhone SE and even iPhone 6S.


5 Best New Features on iOS 14

When Apple released iOS 13, it was one of the buggiest released out there. It took about 13 updates to patch all the mistakes they’ve made.


However, iOS 14 might not include any features that will wow iPhone and iPad users – Apple is focusing on providing the highest level of reliability possible.


Therefore, no matter what the release – we know it’s going to be good!


Dark Refinements

In iOS 13, Apple released dark refinements where users could choose to activate the dark theme across iOS.

Well, this was one of the buggiest features of the iOS 13 and even though Apple did a good job at patching it up along the way in apps such as Maps and Photos – there is still a lot of work that needs to get done.


We know that this might not be the one of the most fantastic features you’ll see in iOS since it was already released once – but this time, you won’t have to deal with the painful bugs and glitches.


We also believe that we will see a lot more third-party apps that will support the dark theme.


Expanded AR Support

Artificial reality is increasing in popularity and it is a trend that’s grown since it’s being supported worldwide by some of the biggest brands.


It’s not only used for improving reality in the games but it’s useful for designing your home, working on digital schemes, or even finding your way around the international airport.


Even though people have been interested the most in the entertainment AR part – artificial learning is progressing and it’s actually going to be able to change the way we do things in real-time.


Apple is embracing the futuristic changes and we would really like to see this feature being used on Apple’s biggest display so far.


5G Cellular

We’ve witnessed at CES 2020 that 5G is being very well accepted by some of the biggest tech manufacturers such as Lenovo and Samsung and in no time, every other manufacturer will follow.


We believe that Apple is already adjusting its operating system for 5G connections and even though it might be released in iOS 14, you will need their latest phone (which is going to be released by the end of 2020) in order to take advantage of this feature.


This is one of the biggest features that will only apply to the buyers of Apple’s latest phone – but it will be a game-changer in internet speeds.


Along with the upcoming performance and quality changes to iOS and extra-cautious way of testing and releasing the newest iOS 14 – we can only imagine how this will result in faster browsing speeds that will make iOS seem smoother than ever before.


Choice of Default Apps

If you’ve been an Apple user so far – you’d know that you didn’t have a choice of your default apps.


You could’ve used third-party apps from App Store, but you couldn’t set these apps to open directly after taking action such as opening a link within an app in a browser of your choice.


However, this is something that could change in the upcoming iOS 14. This shows only how Apple is embracing the change and is working on improving its products and software to fit the needs of its loyal customers.


Opening links in a default browser of your choice, opening an address in the GPS app of your choice rather than Apple Maps or playing music directly within the app at the touch of a button on your AirPods is something that’ll be a game-changer for most of the users.

Performance and Quality

Let’s face it – iOS 13 was infamous for being full of bugs and glitches. 13 updates in a very short-time only shows how Apple put out the iOS 13 without thinking twice and then dealt with any issues according to the users’ feedback.


iOS 14 is going to be a big focus on quality and performance. That’s why we believe Apple will rely on a new development process that will overhaul the old way of testing.


Instead, new software tests will disable buggy features by default – eliminating the chance of them being put upon the users. However, users who would like to take apart as initial testers will have the option to enable a couple of features that would still be in the testing process.


This will serve as a double gate where bugs and glitches will get 98% eliminated from the final iOS 14 version.


What do you think will be the best feature in iOS 14?


Apple is working on the security, performance, and quality – but that doesn’t mean they won’t surprise us with one or two “shiny” features.

Especially now when they have a new system put in place for testing for bugs – they can develop even some of the hardest ideas and still realize them without the risk of bugs.


One way or another, we believe that Apple is right on track and we are eagerly waiting for both iOS 14 and newest iPhone (possibly 9 or SE 2).


What iPhone or iPad are you still using? Will you update your iOS as soon as iOS 14 hits the download queue?




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