4 reasons people watch gaming content on YouTube


Right after the contents of a music video, the most popular type of content people these days watch on YouTube are gaming. You will see people, most importantly, the youth generation or teenagers spend most of their time on YouTube watching others playing games. Even kids are now also listed on this list.

If you look carefully at YouTube subscribers, then you will find out that the two of the top five YouTube channels with the most subscribers all around the world are gaming related. But if you look back in the past, specifically 5 years ago or so, things are quite different than this and most people have no idea about this thing.

However, do you know why these days watching gaming content on YouTube has become so popular? Or what things make gaming channels so popular on YouTube? Here this article will tell you about the top 4 reasons people watch gaming content on YouTube. So, keep reading for more info! Also, to know more about the facts about tech and gaming, you can visit this website 10scopes.

Reasons That Make People to Watch Gaming Content on YouTube

Is it not suspicious why one watches others playing video games on YouTube when they could just play themselves? Don’t you find this thing awkward? Actually, I did and then I started to do a lot of research about it on the internet and found some amazing reasons that make people watch gaming content on YouTube instead of playing.

So, what do you think? What can make them watch gaming content on YouTube? Here, in below, we have mentioned the top 4 reasons people watch gaming content on YouTube-

  1. They want to be part of the larger gamer’s community

If you want to plug into new, immersive worlds then could be just a simple way to get there. And that is why one of the significant reasons that make people watch gaming-related videos on YouTube is they want to be part of something larger than oneself. And out there in the whole world, there is a larger online community of gamers. And among many online places, YouTube is one of the popular platforms where you are able to connect with the large gaming community.

When you will join this gaming community, it will eliminate the distance between you and other gamers. You will know what other gamers love to play, their favorite characters, and how they feel about their activity.

For interacting with people, gaming plays a simple but significant role since it makes it easy to bond with other people and break down the barriers that block people from interacting.

The people who love gaming get the chance to double their love for their favorite games by simply connecting socially through the “let’s play,” button. They do it by observing and watching video, reading the comments on channels videos and responses to the videos, and overall the gaming scene.

  1. For the inclusion that makes people accepted to the community beyond everything

There is no discrimination when you are in the field of gaming, anyone could be a gamer. It can be your friend, your boss, your neighbor, your barista. What you look like? or how old are you?- these things do not matter here at all.

It is high time to let go of the stereotypes if someone still thinks that not everyone can be a gamer or who gamers are. And that is why people are now more open to this field.

These days anyone can be a gamer and keep in mind that the gamer comes in all stripes. It is just as simple as that- if you enjoy watching or playing video games on YouTube you just do, nothing can stop you to enjoy that or become a gamer.

And you will be surprised to hear that about 66% of female YouTube gamers watch gaming content on this platform to inspire others saying it is not a boys club anymore, and any one can be a part of this any time and be connected with others.

  1. Nothing but to have fun

The same reasons you watch a movie or read a novel can be applied to watching games on YouTube. It is fun as well as relaxing to watch others playing games.  According to a study, 73% of people enjoy watching gaming content in their leisure time.

Sometimes they get tired and instead of doing themselves, they enjoy and have fun and be goofy by watching others. And some people watch instead of playing because they do not want to get a vicarious thrill by playing rather enjoy seeing stuff like this.

  1. For the desire to improve and to learn new skills

One of the major reasons that make people watch gaming content on YouTube is they want to improve and upgrade their skills. By seeing others how they play and tackle difficulties they learn new skills to apply them to their own game. You may think, why should watching others improve skills?

Well, since gaming is upgrading and adding new features day by day, it becomes difficult to cope with it if someone does not upgrade their skill to a new one.

If you want to learn based on a user manual or by reading a feature, it will be so hard to understand the game for you. And watching others playing on YouTube makes it much more comfortable and easier to learn.

A study shows that 74% of people watch videos on this platform to learn how to get better at a game. So, people watch gaming content to make them more prepared to tackle the game easily.

 Final Verdict

Gaming is something that lets you explore new and immersive worlds and interact with others easily. And the best part about it is that at the same time it is entertaining, fun, absorbing, and downright spellbinding.

Hopefully after reading the article based on- “4 reasons people watch gaming content on YouTube” you have got the answer to the question-Why one watches others playing video games on YouTube when he or she could just play themselves? Happy watching!

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