3 Great Apps That Will Track Your Habits This 2020


We all know that our everyday life depends on our habits and routines. We definitely have a lot of time, but what are we doing with it? I understand that some of us have a hard time developing habits. This fact alone can lead us to a very unfulfilling life. Tracking your habits is not all about monitoring how fast you can finish a task on your swiss military watch.


Tracking your habits is far more complicated than we know. We definitely know that our habits are something that we should work on and build on. Developing good habits is a must in this modern world.


We understand that our approaches are different and unique. One thing to think about is that no matter how unique we are, we all want to develop good habits. At the end of the day, we want that feeling of fulfillment when we get to track our progress. Don’t worry! We got some great apps that will help you check and track your habits!


Habitica is an excellent app for those who like role-playing video games. Habitica has an interface and a very creative way of tracking your habits. The app allows you to pick your own avatar. After picking, your avatar gets to level up after completing a task. I definitely think that this incentive system of Habitica is very creative and smart.


The creators of Habitica have designed the game to feel like a video game. This time, your habits are the game itself. There is no way you would progress your levels without actually doing your habits and practices. Habitica’s rewards system is a fun and fresh idea of giving incentives and rewards.


I personally do not find Habitica as my go-to. The game aspect seems too much time consuming for me. Getting my avatar to level up lives up to its hype, and I find myself snapping out of focus sometimes. I like my habit tracking app blander and have no over-the-top gimmicks.


There is nothing like feeling pressure to build your habits. I always believed that the best way of building habits is feeling pressure from someone else. HabitShare is an excellent app if you like to build habits with your friends. Make it feel like a competition, and it can only make you and your friends improve. Who can develop more habits in your circle?


HabitShare feels like a social media app. The app lets you share your progress with your friends. HabitShare also lets you know how much habits are your friends currently working on. If competition doesn’t motivate you, I do not know what will.


You can control how much you share in the app’s privacy settings if you like to filter your progress out. You can send messages to your friend using Habitica. Motivate them or ask them how they are doing. In the end, your friends’ progress is simply there to motivate you.


I personally found Strides helpful for tracking habits like saving money. Strides can also be useful if you are tracking your gym time or tracking your sleep. You can build habits and see all your habits on a dashboard. Strides make everything easy that it sets reminders for unfinished streaks.


Strides, in a way, is a perfect app for times wherein you do not want to break a streak. I know I love to gain momentum on my habit progress, and the reminders help me to act on them. The app is also useful for project tracking, but that’s for another topic. Overall, Strides is a great app to go on streaks and become the best version of yourself!


The Strides app is available on iOS and the web. You can subscribe to Strides for $4.99 per month — not a bad deal in exchange for keeping track of your long term goals and habits. The app allows you to track unlimited habits. If you can track as many practices as you can, we are sure that progress will be just another habit.

Final Thoughts

We do want you to know that building good habits depends on you, still. These apps are only tools that can make the transition much more manageable. You can definitely use these apps as a measure for your progress. You can also use habit-tracking apps for your long term goals.


Overall, we are sure that apps that track your habits can be handy for improving ourselves. These apps can definitely give us the motivation and the information on how we can take action and become the best version of ourselves.


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