10 Useful APIs For Web Designers And Developers

An API, or “Application Program Interface”, is a set of procedures and codes that provide steps and tools for web developers and programmers to create software applications. In the recent past, API’s were generally associated with computer OS(Operating Systems) and desktop apps. Nowadays, we see the horizon of Web APIs, or Web Service.

APIs have changed things for technology since the rise of 1st gen computers. Every programmer has to train themselves to gain a higher level of proficiency as APIs are considered core programming concepts.

Of course, it is imperative to know and understand that there are various types of API for developers, and one has to consider and choose which one will work best for them. What kind of users do you have and who will access them? Here are the different types of API and the best types of APIs for web designers.

Types of APIs

One thing you should know about API’s is that there are many kinds. Here we split them into 4 groups: Database, Operating System, Remote, and Web API’s. We will discuss what each API can do and how it can help with your craft.

1. Database APIs

Database APIs make transactions with an app and a database management system much easier. Developers cooperate with databases by asking permission to access data and other functions.

It was designed having object-oriented style ideas, giving it in the least sense a partial familiarity with the concepts. Moreover, most basic functions have a programmed facade as well. Developers may then choose to utilise a procedural style to make for a more readable code in the system.

2. Operating System APIs

This API, or group of APIs describes how apps utilize the resources and services of operating systems(OS). All OS’ have a set of APIs, Windows API or Linux API for example.

Meanwhile, Apple comes with API reference for macOS and iOS in its developer documentation. APIs for creating apps for Apple’s macOS desktop OS come in the Cocoa set of tools.

3. Remote APIs

Remote APIs set the bar for standards of interaction for apps working on different machines and platforms, basically one software product approaches resources found outside the device that needs them. Most remote APIs are coded based on web standards since remote located apps are connected over a communications network, most especially the internet.

4. Web APIs

The most common of all API classes. Web APIs offer machine-readable data and performance transfer to and from web-based systems which serve as database management systems.

Developers can utilize web APIs to further the usability of their apps or sites. Pinterest for example, comes with functions for adding other users’ data like pins or boards to a website. Others like Google Maps allow adding a map with specific details of a particular location.

Best APIs For Web Designers And Developers

1. Google Analytics

Following visitor activity on a website with Google Analytics is basic these days. However, there’s more to this platform than simply observing web traffic go about. One can use Google Analytics APIs to observe custom data such as eCommerce conversion rate and lifetime value estimations. You can also make special tracking dashboards for things that happen “behind the scenes” on your website. Ultimately, you can delve deeper with sales funnel tracking and analysis.

2. Removal.AI

Removal AI is a great tool to have in your arsenal. It has a great background removal function, and photo editing software too. The best thing about Removal.AI is that it is continuously learning how to better its services.

The creation of Removal.AI was developed as a way to remove backgrounds automatically. No need to pour on one photo for hours. You will only need to upload the needed photos on the website and it will remove the background for you.

3. Twitter API

Twitter offers an API for almost every feature present on the official Twitter website. The Twitter API may be used to make apps, websites and widgets that are connected directly with Twitter. You can use the API to display your latest Twitter posts, as well as public Twitter lists, and so much more.

4. Google Translate

If you’re creating an international website, you may want a quick and easy way to translate your content and features into numerous other languages. Google’s Cloud Translation and API services are definitely for you. As simple as having an HTML, and Google Translate is yours to command.

5. YouTube

With YouTube API, it’s now possible to embed video players in websites. You can even customize and adjust the playback settings to further showcase what you’re all about. The API can also be used to bring in data from YouTube to your dashboard.

YouTube can offer you tons of tools to integrate its functionality into your website, and it’s limited to Data API and Player API. What is especially useful is Player API as it permits you to control the image and feel of YouTube videos being played on your website.

6. Vimeo

Vimeo is often overlooked, but it has amazing quality videos, and what’s best is that it has its own API that has a great playback solution. Certain clients prefer Vimeo to manage their video content. With Vimeo, you have the ability to embed videos on site, bring in usage data as well as customize playback

7. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is more than just a way to talk to your family and friends. If you want to create a chatbot for your page or website, Messenger API can fulfill those requirements. It doesn’t just hold your visitors and customers on the line until an actual person gets back to them, you can actually program a bot to communicate and interact with visitors on your Facebook page or otherwise.

8. Twilio

Twilio API is a very powerful tool for businesses. It integrates voice, chat, SMS AI bots to your website.

You can set this API to schedule appointments and send out reminders to users by means of SMS after they’ve input their phone numbers. It can also work like a SaaS free sample. You can integrate more fields like phone number, business name and others in your sign up form. Moments after someone signs up, a rep phones them up to ask them  of their experience.

9. Dropbox

Dropbox has become one of the first storage apps to become a part of everyday life. Dropbox has become omnipresent. Millions of users all over the world enjoy managing their documents  in the cloud. Dropbox has been incorporated by applications looking to give their users with storage functions.Additionally, if you want to have your employees, clients and others to sign documents, Dropbox API can certainly make this happen.

10. Payment Processors

Payment processors’ APIs such as PayPal and Stripe are what allows developers to achieve more than just gather payments, you can also access tracking, refunds, disputes, etc. Manual payment processes are now a thing of the past with the availability of payment processors that are reliable and have the means of connecting their platforms to other websites.


With companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google, the popularity of Web APIs has been rising as they have been utilising web APIs to put their products and services out there in the open, as well as create a long and lasting impression on users, who will then be converted to fans.

With web API, the target crowd is usually the web development community. However, these can also work wonders to end users too, and the API providers themselves. The more people discover the benefits of APIs, the list of businesses and web developers who will utilise APIs will keep getting longer and longer. Its popularity will continue to grow over the years as more web developers continue to work on them and its benefits come into the light.


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Jenn Pereira is a technology and digital marketing writer. She loves UX/UI design, web and mobile app development. As a professional designer, you can find more of Jenn’s work in her Dribbble.

She works as a Marketing Head of Removal.AI, a platform that offers an AI technology used to remove image background automatically for eCommerce. It also provides professional photo editing solutions for various industries.


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