10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest In A Virtual PBX


29% of companies have shifted to virtual or cloud private branch exchange(PBX) solutions to simplify call forwarding and increase employee productivity. To gain a competitive edge, more organizations are investing in a cloud PBX and working on providing customized solutions to their clients. Here are a few reasons why a virtual PBX for your business will work wonders.

1. Cost Reduction

VoIP market research shows that companies can save up to 75% on communication costs using VoIP services. You need not invest your money in complex hardware with a virtual PBX as the entire phone system is managed on the cloud. Moreover, a cloud-hosted PBX is not limited to any geographical location.

Thus, you can save a lot of money spent on establishing partnerships with call centers that handle a large volume of long-distance calls. Also, a cloud PBX offers a plethora of call plans, including unlimited calls to mobile numbers that can significantly reduce the average cost per call.

2. No Downtime 

A virtual PBX is implemented on a graphical user interface that is accessible via your computer. Also, adding a single phone line or even 30 lines takes only a few minutes as it works on software. Moreover, you can also save time on server maintenance and equipment upgrades.

The service providers providing cloud PBX solutions have a team of dedicated experts working 24/7 to ensure that you don’t experience any downtime. Moreover, having a virtual PBX solution can help employees save an average of 32 call minutes per day.

3. Easy Integration With Legacy Systems 

Another reason to invest in a cloud PBX is that it can be integrated with any legacy system or device. It means you no longer need to say goodbye to your existing system. Moreover, if your system supports VoIP, you don’t need to buy any additional hardware.

Cloud-hosted PBX can be customized to allow users on both systems to call each other. Also, users of the traditional PBX can make calls via cheaper VoIP routes. This is particularly useful if you wish to continue with your existing PBX and access trunk lines at minimal costs.

4. Increased Mobility

A cloud-hosted PBX allows you to connect from anywhere in the world using your VoIP phone, smartphone, or desktop PC. Having a virtual PBX for small business will allow your offshore employees to use the same office number and connect with your customers.

Moreover, you can choose to transfer office calls from your desk phone to smartphone and answer calls in-transit. It will also help you increase your customer reach as you can receive calls irrespective of your location. With mobility being a key factor, 57% of employees believe that a cloud PBX has tremendously helped them with remote work.

5. Easy Access To Advanced Features 

A traditional PBX offers limited features, thus leading to a limited scope of improvement in customer services. However, a virtual PBX for your business can work wonders. The cloud-hosted PBX solution allows you to enjoy features like call control, voice menu, call recordings, wallboards, time conditions, and queue.

Moreover, these features are available at no extra cost. Another reason to invest in a virtual PBX is that you get access to new features, and the old ones are upgraded automatically as and when the software is updated.

6. High-Quality Voice Calls

Owing to Quality of Service (QoS) schemes, high internet speed, and better compression rates, voice communication via the internet has improved to great extents. Usually, VoIP service providers carry out various tests to measure your internet connection quality and then recommend the best VoIP solution.

Also, some service providers have dedicated fiber broadband, 4G, or ADSL networks that can be connected from the central office to the subscriber. Thus, ensuring excellent quality voice calls. Having a sound calling system in place can allow organizations to process consumer complaints faster and improve their business.

7. Scalable Solutions 

Businesses are susceptible to ups and downs. During the period of growth and contraction, you need a system that can scale up or down as per your business requirements. While a traditional PBX can help you reserve resources and pre-allocate space for future expansion, you still end up paying for unutilized resources that may or may not be needed in the future.

However, a cloud PBX can quickly scale to meet your usage capacity as per your demands. You can start with a few lines and grow as your business expands.

Moreover, seasonal businesses can leverage a virtual PBX’s power by commissioning new lines just before a major event and decommissioning them once the event is over.

8. Smarter Disaster Recovery 

Reliability is a critical concern for organizations looking forward to switching to virtual PBX systems. A traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) works on fixed copper lines and is prone to damage from power outages, vandalism, and hardware failures.

However, cloud-hosted PBX is solely dependent on the internet and is managed by your service provider. They have a solid infrastructure coupled with dedicated resources and servers in different cities.

Furthermore, the servers are connected with multiple transit providers around the world. In the case of natural disaster or system failure, servers can be fixed in seconds, and network lines can be used instead of a single copper wire.

9. Real-Time Monitoring & Report Generation

Virtual PBX gives you access to real-time statistics and allows you to monitor all activities in your PBX. These include active or available agents, ongoing or missed calls, call rates, and subscription costs.

Having a virtual PBX for your business will help you easily analyze employee performance and make informed decisions with the reporting tools available on your PBX. The tool collates data and organizes the information using statistical tools like Gantt charts, bar graphs, and pie charts.

10. Enhanced Security 

With cloud PBX solutions, you can easily eliminate your security concerns. In VoIP systems, the security aspect is handled by the service provider. This means that all the software upgrades, security patches, and firewalls are looked upon by the service providers.

A dedicated team of professionals  ensures that your VoIP service is fully secured. In case your local network is compromised, VoIP providers have algorithms to prevent scammers from making unauthorized calls.

Thus, a virtual PBX offers a plethora of benefits and is a must-have for organizations having a diverse network of customers. With reduced operating costs and enhanced reporting capabilities, companies can easily streamline their business processes.

Tell us your experience of using a virtual PBX in the comments section below!

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