10 Most Awesome Location Trackers Ever Built [For Android & iOS]

Location tracking is not a new thing. People are doing it all the time nowadays as today’s world is filled with dangers. If you want to ensure the safety of your loved ones then you need to do live phone location tracking.

If you have managed to get hold of a reliable location tracking spy app then there is nothing that anyone won’t be able to know. But, it is not that every live location tracking app is worthy of your trust.

You need something extraordinary to get successful in this job. From the overcrowded marketplace of spy apps, we have managed to pick the top 10 for you. Read the full article to know more about them.

#1 – Spyzie


The first place of this list is grabbed by the Spyzie. It is a live location spy app that one can use to do easy and risk-free spying. Millions of people have already used this spy app for various purposes.

This app is easily available for use in 190 nations. Many famous leading media houses have been praised for their quality services.  Click here to know more about how Spyzie is doing the location job tracking wonderfully.

We are giving you a quick and crisp overview of the key qualities of Spyzie:


  • We loved Spyzie because of its ability to work without any rooting/jailbreak.
  • Keeping a safe distance from these activities is a clear way to keep a safe distance from traditional risks like damaging the OS or compromising the original OS’s security.
  • If you don’t want to have an app that will save data on the server then you will love Spyzie for sure. It doesn’t save data on the server and put your crucial data at risk
  • As long as Spyzie is by your side, you don’t have to own any special skills. It has simplified the location tracking up to such an extent that any novice can use it.
  • Spyzie for iOS comes with a 100% browser-based interface and can be at your service without any download and installation.
  • Spyzie for Android is a very simplified spy app that will hardly consume 5 minutes to finish off the entire set-up process. As the app is less than 2MB in size, the set-up would be too quick.

#2 – Spyic


Spyic is a work-of-art and lets end-users to do live location in the best possible manner. No special tools and techniques are required to bring it into action.

  • No rooting/jailbreak facility makes Spyic the safest option in the market. You can have a good night’s sleep as risks like reduced performance and compromised security won’t follow you at all.
  • Spyic is available for everyone. It can do live location tracking on iPhone and Android devices. Every existing version is supported by it.

#3 – Spyier


Spyier is a 100% legit live phone location tracking app that you can use on any device and browser. We have included it in our list because of its amazing affordability. Your monthly expense with this app is only $10.

  • You will have the best ROI with Spyier as it can do live location tracking along with other 35 phone spying features on more than one device at a time.
  • It is super compatible with all the leading versions of iOS and Android platforms.

#4 – Neatspy


If you ever needed risk-free and reliable cell phone location tracking then you think of Neatspy. It is a remote phone monitoring app that can be used to do real-time location tracking.

Without taking the help of activities like rooting/jailbreak, it fetches the quality data and delivers it with timestamps.

#5 – Spyine


The compact app size, risk-free performance, and noteworthy user-friendly interface are the reasons that have forced us to bring Spyine into our list.

Its interface is so easy-to-use that any novice will be able to accomplish this job with full perfection. No special skills are needed.

#6 – Safespy


Safespy deserves to be on the list because of its amazing ability to hide the app’s presence on the targeted device. It is so perfect in its job that no one will be able to know that the app is keeping an eye on other’s live location.

With Safespy, there is nothing that you can’t do. You will be able to get accurate coordinates of Wi-Fi and GPS-based locations.

#7 – qwerty


There are some key qualities that have made qwerty our 7th choice. Along with us, millions of others have found it as a reliable way to know the whereabouts of others.

It is super affordable and helps you do live monitoring of 35 phone features at once.


#8 – Fonemonitor


Fonemonitor will capture Wi-Fi and GPS based location coordinates easily. You don’t need any special tool and technique is required to bring it into action.

There is very responsive customer support to help you out when you face hassles in doing live location tracking.

#9 – TeenSafe


With TeenSafe, live location tracking is everyone’s cup of tea. Effortlessly, it captures the phone location details and delivers them without any third person’s involvement.

You will be impressed to know about the amazing security encryption of this location tracker. With bank-grade security, it will protect your crucial data from dangerous cyber activities.

#10 – Cocospy


Cocospy is the last suggestion. This is cut-above, easy-to-use, and superbly compact. You don’t need any expert skills to use it. Whatever you have, it is more than enough.  We were amazed by the OS compatibility of Cocospy. In every sense, it is pure bliss for the end-users.

Final words

You will feel on the top of the world once you will have the right kind of location tracking app by your side. All these 10 location trackers are the best choices to make. They are cut-above and help you have a power-packed location tracking facility.

Try anyone and you will never remain ignorant about anything.  They will empower you by all means.

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