10 Android Apps You Should Download In 2020

Android’s Google Play store may have over 2.9 million applications available for you to download, but not all of them are worth your phone’s storage space. While many are real duds to ignore, some apps like Phone Truth are masterpieces not to miss out on.

Android’s Google Play store may have over 2.9 million applications available for you to download, but not all of them are worth your phone’s storage space. While many are real duds to ignore, some apps like Phone Truth are masterpieces not to miss out on. An app should be functional, and this means that it is either unique in what it has to offer, or it simply works better than others. Well enough of the wait, read on to view our list of 10 apps that have been picked out specially and which deserve a spot on your phone!

1. Firefox

Firefox is a free app that works at lightning-fast speeds and is a joy to use. Its main function is to provide users with effortless privacy protection, as Firefox comes equipped with a full range of security settings. It boasts of features like the option to protect user-information from snooping advertisers and a private browsing mode. Its clean and neat design makes for easy usage of the app and like its desktop version, mobile Firefox offers a wide selection of plug-ins, incredible tab management, and even enables users to sync their phone settings, tabs, and history with the desktop variant.

 2. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is another free app that you should add to your phone. It allows for users to sync their web pages, browsing history, and bookmarks easily between their Android phone and the Edge browser on their desktop. The key features that the mobile browser offers include a news rating, integrated reading view, as well as a content blocker. With Microsoft Edge, you can search things up in Bing using voice recognition or by photo uploading, while its rewards program allows for points to be accumulated. The app can be configured in either its light or dark theme, where both of which are pleasing to the eye.

3. LinkedIn

If you haven’t already know, LinkedIn is one of the hottest apps these days, especially amongst the working population and university undergraduates. Via the LinkedIn app, people can connect and communicate with other individuals, and build their profile which is practically the equivalent of a resume, in hopes to attract the attention of job recruiters. The app also includes visitor metric features and a newsfeed and is basically the top job search and business networking app that most individuals would already have. 

4. Blue Apron

If you just want to cook but are tired at the thought of getting the ingredients, Blue Apron is just that app for you. Blue Apron makes cooking easy and fun by delivering premium, step-by-step recipes and fresh ingredients right to your front door with just a feel clicks on the app. Users can not only personalize their menus every week based on personal preference but also discover the unique seasonal recipes that the app recommends. The sleek app design allows users to easily manage their accounts, schedule deliveries, and save recipes to try in the future. The best part is, delivery is free and there is no commitment; Choose to use their service as and when you wish!

5. Clue

Clue is a period app for the menstruating individuals from all around the world. It’s simple and cute app design allows users to track their periods and with the data collated, predict when their next period will arrive. You can thus use Clue to plan ahead, whether you’re trying to conceive or just to keep an eye on your cycle. You can even set reminders on the app and use their in-app calendar as necessary.

6. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a free app that is perfect for those looking to track their calories. It is smartly designed and includes an extensive library of foods, which makes logging your diet easy to do. Its barcode scanner further makes it easier for you to log down your snack. While MyFitnessApp cannot provide an entire workout regimen, the app is indeed great for allowing one to become more aware of their diet intake. 

7. Spotify

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Spotify is the top app that Android users would have already owned. Although it costs $9.99 per month, Spotify is the one pick music app for your free and legal music streaming. Curate your very own playlists, hit the shuffle button to easily jumble through your playlist, follow your favorite artists and peers easily with a simple search of their username, and explore what playlists Spotify itself and other users have to recommend. If you’re still not convinced, try out the free trial for yourself to get a taste of what the app has to offer!

8. Mint

Mint is an incredibly useful app for tracking expenses. Just key in your details or sync your bank account and credit cards, and you can then easily check up your finances on the fly. You can also use Mint’s bill payment feature to be reminded of all incoming payments so you’ll never go past a deadline. Overall, Mint is a great budgeting app that allows you to manage money and better work towards your financial goals.

 9. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an amazing camera and photo editing app that works almost as well as its desktop counterparts, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. With simple-to-use image editing tools and a wide variety of filters to play around with, you can breathe life into your taken pictures with Adobe Lightroom. Its basic tools include raw camera file profile, advanced color, and lighting sliders. With advanced photo sharing, you can sync all edits between your mobile and desktop easily.

10. DropBox

Last but not least, DropBox is a must-have for the photo-hoggers that need a service to store all their precious data safely. DropBox is free and is a seamless backup for your pictures by automatically uploading all photos to the cloud. The app even contains some simple image editing tools, and can certainly hold its own against the highly popular Google Drive on Android.


While there are no doubt many more apps worth your time, this list definitely covers a range of key interest areas such as finance, food, health, and exercise. Since most of these apps are free, don’t hesitate to try them out today!

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