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Type S returning to Acura, powered by turbo V-6

Acura dropped a bombshell at the 2018 North American International Auto Show on Monday morning, and it didn’t even need to show a fancy concept car to do it.Laying the groundwork for a performance-focused play by Honda’s luxury brand is the…

How to Enable “Type to Siri” on Mac

While Siri is perhaps best known as the voice assistant bundled on modern Macintosh computers and iOS devices, Siri can also be interacted with by typing out good old text commands. By enabling Type to Siri on the Mac, you can use Siri sort

Type In VR With Logitech’s Keyboard For HTC Vive

A new system combines the Vive Tracker with logitech keyboards to bring physical typing to VR.One of the most important aspects of truly immersive VR is the ability to use motion controls to interact with the virtual environment. Sure there…